5 Wonderful Rochester Airbnbs Perfect for a Romantic Getaway

Five Airbnbs in Rochester, Minnesota for a Quick Romantic Getaway

You would like to get out of town and go back to when it was just the two of you and the weekends were long and luxurious (even if you didn’t know it at the time). But being away from the kids makes you uncomfortable, especially during the holidays, so how about staying in town and getting away from it all anyway?

What Makes These Med City Airbnbs Romantic?

Romance is many different things to many different people. So I had to rely on what I think is romantic…warm spaces, comfortable spaces…and good lighting. Oh, and a fireplace you can both curl up in front of and fall asleep. At least the first Friday night. Saturday night, honey, I promise you we’ll both be wide awake.

Why are you showing us romantic getaways as winter approaches?

What better way to celebrate the winter holidays than by taking a break from the world? Or maybe right after the holidays. There is a particular silence in the world once the snow begins to fall. In one of these Airbnbs, you might wake up to light snowfall on the lake…that’s the view from the bed.

Five Rochester Minnesota Airbnb is perfect for a romantic getaway

There are many wonderful places to stay in Rochester, Minnesota. These are five I found that have something special about them…they would be perfect for a Friday/Saturday night not too far from the kids.

Of course, if the kids are teenagers, you don’t have to tell them you’ll be in Rochester…and do a spot check. Click on the images to get the link to that particular listing.

You can also spend the night in Rochester, the most expensive Airbnb in Minnesota. But it could break the bank.

Spend a Night at the Most Expensive Airbnb in Rochester, MN

You could have a little stay and splurge

Somewhere in the heart of medical town is the most expensive Airbnb in Rochester, Minnesota it will cost you $600 a night. The address is a secret until you book it but according to the description on airbnb.com the place is “located in the epic hub of downtown Rochester”. This is the first time I’ve seen a “personal concierge” listed in a description. You can see the full list here. Obviously, you have to see this place before you hit book, so go ahead and check out the photos they shared on their airbnb.com site.

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