See a new world every day: 35 unusual maps that can change the way you see the world

A colleague of mine contacted the founders Pablo Izquierdo and Lars Erik for a previous project about the project. Living in Oslo and Madrid, the two have been creating maps together for more than a decade and founded the company Mapographics.

According to the founders, the goal of Mapographics is to make informative, educational and aesthetic maps. “We’ve done a lot of mapping and analysis in the area of ​​sustainability, and recently we’ve started selling decorative maps as well.” We love combining scientific data with design,” they told Bored Panda.

“I [Effing] The Love Maps project was created more than a decade ago. Pablo and Lars wanted to have a place on social media to share their love of maps. And it all started with the old Facebook.

“It started with a Facebook page and then moved to Twitter and Instagram. We’re very happy to have several hundred thousand followers, which is just a testament to us that many people share our passion for maps,” Pablo previously told Bored Panda in an interview.

According to him, people nowadays live in an increasingly globalized society, which means that the distances between us are shrinking. All thanks to cultural exchange and technology.

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