6 Haunted Historic Sites in the Hudson Valley to Visit

Spooky movies and elaborate attractions can be fun for Halloween, but the Hudson Valley has so many opportunities to immerse yourself in the grand history and spooky hauntings of many important sites.

Burn down Brae’s mansion

Built in 1908, Burn Brae Mansion was built by Margaret MacKenzie Elkin as part of the estate of George Ross MacKenzie, third president of the Singer Sewing Machine Company. The Burn Brae Mansion was recently restored for its 100th anniversary. Since the renovations, overnight guests have reported mysterious sights and sounds throughout the tours. Further research revealed the history of these reports. The mansion has been the subject of numerous paranormal investigations and can be booked by groups of ghost hunters for private research upon request and availability.

King House Mansion at Tarrytown House Estate

The King House Mansion has been in use for 165 years and recently underwent a $15 million restoration and refresh. A renovation, however, cannot erase history. In 1955, Sybil Harris King, daughter of Benjamin Newton Duke, co-founder of the American Tobacco Company, died on the second floor of the mansion. she has been heard pacing the halls of the second floor and tends to linger near room 293, the room she is said to have passed through. People claim to have seen an apparition of white with commands or faint shadows.

Old Dutch Church Cemetery

The Old Dutch Cemetery dates back to 1658 and has seen various groups of residents, from Dutch and British soldiers, to Native Americans and African American slaves and servants. The cemetery is the final resting place of many revolutionary Kingstonians whose homes were burned down by the British in 1777. New York’s first governor, George Clinton, also resides here. Theater of the Road, in conjunction with the Old Dutch Church, presents a Living History Tour where they tell stories of former Kingston residents and haunting tales. Participants visit the cemetery, by candlelight, while stepping back in time.

Private Haunted Huguenot Street Tours

The city’s long and complex history offers a diverse range of fascinating, strange and macabre stories that span the centuries. Historic Huguenot Street is home to seven 18th-century stone houses (each with its own paranormal past, a replica of the Munsee wigwam, a reconstructed 1717 French church, and the original Huguenot cemetery. Stories of ghostly apparitions and mysteries not resolute runs rampant throughout the neighborhood, tours include their Haunted Private Walking Tour, Boos & Brews Tours, and Haunted Huguenot Street.

The Shanley Hotel

You may know the Shanley Hotel without ever having visited it. He has been featured on TV shows such as “Ghost Lab” and “Ghost Hunters”. Over the years, visitors have reported self-moving rocking chairs, mysterious clock chimes, hot and cold spots, whistles, footsteps, piano music, voices, children’s laughter and unexplained aromas. Many saw shadows and apparitions, and many visitors left before staying the night.

The Tarrytown Music Room

The Tarrytown Music Hall is a 136 year old theater that provides incredible entertainment to the public. It is also a motive for strange paranormal activities. After hours, the lights go on and off; the sound of an unknown singer performing vocal ranges echoes eerily through the halls, and high-profile performers have refused to stay in a certain dressing room, citing that they sense a presence and feel extremely uncomfortable. The Gotham Paranormal Research Society and proud member of TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) conducted an extensive investigation in 2019 documenting intriguing EVP audio files and strange EMF readings.

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