8 Best Beaches in Peru to Visit in 2023

Peru is known for its ancient ruins, lost civilizations, lush jungles and beautiful natural views. However, it is also a strong contender for the best place to surf.

This South American country is hit by the strong waves of the Pacific Ocean and has a wide range of climates. Surfers travel south for serenity and north for wild waves.

Additionally, Peru’s beaches are home to surreal sights, such as red sand, stilt dwellings, historic boats, abandoned Victorian homes, 40-foot waves, green cliffs, and sea lions or whales.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list of the best beaches in Peru to get you started:


Mancora is a small coastal fishing community that enjoys year-round sunshine, making it a favorite destination for surfers and tourists.

Small local restaurants offering inexpensive international cuisine can be found all over the unpaved streets. But most visitors come to Mancora for its beach, a beautiful strip of sand where the water is so warm that swimming feels like a luxurious bath.

With its fine, powdery sand and positive energy, Mancora Beach is one of the most popular in Peru. Add in nearly year-round sunshine and brilliant blue skies, and you have the recipe for a beach paradise.

Additionally, some of the best surf spots in the world are found here, attracting many surfers to the best spots. And while it can get crowded, Peru’s largest beach has enough space for you to carve out your own private sanctuary.

Punta Sal

Punta Sal, tucked away along the northern shore, is a world-class beach and one of the top contenders for the best beaches in the country.

Locals like to take the fast train to the beach, where they can relax on the sand for an hour. The longest beach on this part of the coast, Punta Sal, is a lovely place to spend a few days basking in the sun and listening to the sound of the waves.

The warm current that passes here all year round keeps the water at a comfortable 24 degrees Celsius due to its proximity to the equator.

Punta Sal is one of the best beaches in Peru, and it’s easy to see why: the sea is calm, the sand is pristine, and the temperature is perfect.

Playa Roja

The unique red hue of the sand of this beach inspired its name, “Playa Roja” (translated as Red Beach).

Volcanic activity in the area makes the sand unusually dark red and fertile. The igneous rock, made up of solidified magma, is carried by the waves to the shore, eroding into bright red sand that stands out even more against the yellow cliff.

Playa Roja sits amid the breathtaking scenery of the Paracas National Reserve. In order for future generations to continue to enjoy the Paracas way of life, it is important to protect the long coastline and the marine life that lives there.

A highlight for sure is the beach at sunset when the sun illuminates the sand and brings out the lushness of the tropical setting.

Mina Beach

La Mina, also located in Paracashas beautiful landscapes and a turquoise green sea ideal for swimming.

For anyone looking to relax on the soft sands while basking in the Peruvian sun, this beach is stunning, and all it takes to get there is a short drive down a dirt road. When the road ends, you will see the lush surroundings and beauty of La Mina Beach.

Even though the area attracts many tourists throughout the summer, you may find the beach empty when you visit. For the more daring travelers, an overnight camping trip on the beach is an option.

With camping, you can stay in La Mina long after the day trippers have left. Stargazers will appreciate the bright skies, and if you wake up at the right time, you might see local fishermen heading out to catch the day’s catch and pelicans and sea lions sunbathing on the beach.

Las Pocitas

One of the best beaches in Peru is Las Pocitas, a little hidden gem about 10 minutes south of Mancora. The beach, which translates to ‘Little Wells’, takes its name from the shallow pools of water that form at low tide inside craters in the rocks and are ideal for toddlers and toddlers. preschool age.

Palm trees and other lush native plants line the shore, making it a peaceful place to splash around in the surf on a lazy afternoon. The classic image of a tropical beach is of turquoise water lapping against powdery white sand.

Spread out a towel, apply some sunscreen and spend the day basking in the glorious sunshine along this warm coastline.


This gorgeous Peruvian beach is a must visit for all levels of surfers. Due to the excellent waves in the area, which have been dubbed the best in Peru, you can find many surf schools here.

Formerly owned by a British oil company, Lobitos has now been taken over by surfers and maintains a laid back surf culture. Remnants of the oil industry can be seen throughout the region, with rigs still in the ocean and abandoned structures dotting the coastline.

The British have left their mark on the beach as well as the town, giving it a strange new flavor and most interesting architecture. Grand historic British buildings overlook the water. Some are occupied by locals, while others have been abandoned or turned into surf hostels.


You must visit this relaxing beach if you are a serious surfer. Huanchaco was once a quiet fishing village, but is now a tourist town with a beautiful waterfront.

Tourists frequently stop here for rest when traveling to or from the many historical sites in the area due to its long stretch of golden sand.

The beach is well known for its various water sports and the local fishermen have developed a particular method of catching fish. Small reed horses, or caballos de totora, are braided boats that fishermen cross the waves to collect their catch.

Even though surfboards have replaced reed horses as the main mode of transportation on the waves, the tradition lives on.


Miraflores It might not be the idyllic tropical getaway you imagine when you think of the best beaches in Peru, as it’s a developed urban beach, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

Lima, Peru is home to an upscale beach community known as Miraflores, which includes the city’s famous beach. If you live in the sprawl of a capital, you will have decent and easy access to the city and enough open space and fresh air to relax.

High-rise apartment buildings line the beach, perched on the edge of rocky cliffs covered in lush grass and offering sweeping ocean views along the Costa Verde.

Big waves attract surfers and paragliders fly over the beach in a haze of serenity. You can also explore local restaurants along the boardwalk by the ocean.

Why visit the beaches of Peru

The beautiful beaches of Peru offer an unparalleled special appeal. They offer exceptional restaurants that sell delicious Peruvian ceviche, and some beaches can even be called the best surf spots in the world.

Stop thinking! Peru is the jewel in the crown of South America; don’t hesitate and buy your tickets today. We’ll see each other there!

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