A new council member for Castle Dale City

ETV news photo

By Julie Johansen

Castle Dale council gathered for their regular meeting on Thursday. The main item on the agenda was to interview, discuss and nominate a new board member to take a seat on the board. This seat was vacated when Jordan Leonard resigned to fill his new role as Emery County Commissioner.

Two candidates ran for the seat, Terry Lofthouse and Adriana Chimaras. Each council member and the mayor posed a question to the two candidates. The questions concerned their responsibility as a member of the council and their feelings towards Castle Dale City.

Following the interviews, a vote was taken and Chimaras will be the new board member by a vote of 3-1. Chimaras attended the meeting via Zoom as she was out of town with her family, so she will be sworn in when she returns to Castle Dale.

Names were then given to the mayor as possible candidates for a beautification committee. Council also discussed the Land Use Committee and vacancies.

Castle Dale City Maintenance Supervisor Ignacio Arrien then announced the security awards of $150 each, which were awarded to Lael White, Tressa Skinner, Arrien, Seth Smith, Duston Hague and Shelby Smith. Arrien also reported on the upkeep of the city. One of the plows needs fixing, but they’re working on it because they needed all three plows.

Britni Moreno, Castle Dale City Fire Chief, was next to report. She said the department has responded to structural fires, but it was mostly aid to other departments. Also, the new fire truck is still in Salt Lake but is expected to arrive in Castle Dale soon.

Fire Department awards have already been presented and Jamie Robertson received the Outstanding Firefighter Award. Moreno also reported that they have eight members and at least seven of them have donated 250 hours each of volunteer time. Construction work continues for the renovation of the fire station.

Castle Dale City Treasurer Tressa Skinner then reported a slight increase in all taxes and said Airbnb taxes have remained stable. During board reports, it was noted that the Community Impact Board’s request had been significantly reduced, but $16,000 had been received. The meeting was then closed to enter an executive session.

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