Airbnb Cracks Down on New Year’s Eve Party Bookings: What You Need to Know

Airbnb has policies in place to prevent disruptive parties from New Year’s weekendcontinuing an effort to encourage safe and responsible travel at a time when some people are more prone to throwing unauthorized parties, it was announced Thursday.

The prohibition of certain one-night reservations during New Year’s Eve for real estate advertisements in Los Angelesand all along Southern California and country, are in effect for guests with no positive account history — or no reservations at all — and complement Airbnb’s other party prevention systems and party bans, which were codified over the summer. .

The party ban policies were first established in 2020. Airbnb estimates it contributed to a global year-over-year decline in New Year’s Eve party incident rates of approximately 56%. In Los Angelesit is estimated that more than 2,900 people were deterred from booking real estate listings over New Year’s Eve in 2021. A similar system was implemented in the United States for Halloween in 2022.

“Stays happen every night around the world on Airbnb, with the vast majority of travelers and hosts respecting their neighbors and providing benefits to their local community,” said Naba Banerjee, Director of Trusted Products and Operations at Airbnb. . “These proactive defenses will help promote responsible travel and prevent rare instances of unwanted behavior, and allow hosts, guests and communities to enjoy their holiday celebrations with added confidence.”

Airbnb operates a neighborhood helpline accessible at and encourage Los Angeles neighbors to share any concerns or comments.

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