Airbnb Dallas Owner Creates ‘Home Alone’ Style Rental

DALLAS – For some of you, Christmas doesn’t come fast enough. Dozens of neighborhoods are already twinkling with beams of Christmas lights.

There’s a home in Dallas where it’s the interior that gets a lot of attention because it looks like something out of the ordinary. Alone at home movie. To make something as creative as the interior of this Airbnb home, you’ll first need a life-size Michael Jordan cutout.

“For me, it’s definitely part of the magic of the place,” said Jeremy Turney, the owner of the house.

You’ll also need the skills to trap an entire house to keep burglars from breaking in, just like Macaulay Culkin’s character did in the iconic 1990 Christmas movie.

“So you can dance and act like there’s more people in the house than him,” Turner said.

It’s no wonder Turner is now dubbed the King of AirBnbs. Almost every novelty item and trinket in the film is this replica of the McCallister family home. He spent four months searching high and low for this to happen.

“I knew I was the person who could be successful. I was convinced that I could find all of these things – these hard-to-find things – and bring them to life,” he added.

From the highly nutritious microwaveable macaroni and cheese dinner to the many other trappings around the house, all the details are there.

“When you walk into the hallway, you’ll need to watch where you’re stepping because you could trip and fall,” Turner said.

Jeremy says he’s seen the 30-year-old movie almost 30 times. He watches it every holiday season because it’s his favorite movie.

“I don’t think anyone is likely to notice that the Bulls trash can was there. I believe that Bulls calendar was in the movie too,” Turner said, pointing to his version of Buzz McCallister’s bedroom.

Redoing Buzz McCallister’s bedroom took the longest time and is Turner’s favorite part of the house. He doesn’t share how much he spent trying to recreate the Alone at home house, but he said it was quite expensive.

“When I have these unique ideas, I feel so compelled by the idea that I can’t help it,” Turner said.

Whatever he spends, he says it’s worth it if it brings joy to his visitors.

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