Airbnb guest robbed, viral TikTok video response suggests host did

It took a viral TikTok video showing a Airbnb the guest gets robbed so a few theories arise about this well thought out robbery.

When Sylvia (@sylpal) took to TikTok to share what turned out to be a nightmarish Airbnb experience, the comments section shone a light on the grim reality of theft. In the TikTok video, Sylvia walks viewers through the rental by documenting what seemed wrong about this particular theft.

In the video, Sylvia recounts that thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen, including her iPad, Airpods, logbook, all of her clothes, makeup, and bag. The thieves also destroyed the Airbnb and created a mess in the bathroom.

Curiously, a cigarette butt was found as well as rubber gloves which were not present when the guests left. According to the stolen Airbnb guest, the thieves tampered with the door keypad. The video shows how thieves ripped off part of the wall, exposing wires.

Using the “find my” feature, she located her stolen items, but they eventually stopped updating after a while.

Many express concerns about booking with company after Airbnb guest robbed

The theft took place at an Airbnb in Highland Park, Dallas, and the guest advises viewers against booking them because Airbnb does not require hosts to change the code.

Sylvia reported the theft to the Dallas Police Department, which she commended for their support and investigation. In the video, she added that investigators who came to observe the crime scene had assumed through all available evidence and claimed that whoever entered the Airbnb in fact knew the code.

The comments section quickly turned into a space for both support and detective work. Many accused the host of committing the crime and several others said they feared using Airbnb after reports of thefts.

“Must be the hosts!” I did not take televisions but I put on makeup? said @r_beach_beattti, a TikTok user. Another user offered some perspective: “I’m an Airbnb host and I code the phone number associated with the account they booked with. It automatically [deactivates] at the register. said user Tommy Briones.

Others prompted Sylvia to make a list of stolen items to claim from insurance.

Some have suggested that while it wasn’t the hosts themselves, it was definitely someone else who knew the property was an Airbnb. “Unfortunately, locals also know which houses are Airbnb and will plot on those houses,” Christina Sciblo said.

According to the TikTok user latest updates, Airbnb customer service has yet to respond to the situation.

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