Airbnb is looking for the craziest homes and will pay $10 million for it

Quick question: on your next vacation, would you like to stay in an ordinary hotel or would you rather spend the night in a house that looks like a UFO, or how about a 6-ton potato? Airbnb is betting on the latter. He’s looking for the craziest spaces in the world and if you have an idea, he’ll fund you to build it.

Airbnb has launched the first-of-its-kind $10 million fund and is seeking ideas from existing and aspiring designers, architects, and DIYers around the world to build extravagant places to stay.

The $10 million fund will help fund 100 of the craziest ideas, giving 100 people the opportunity to turn them into real Airbnb OMG! Category listings – Airbnb’s collection of the most unique homes. Ideas will be judged by a panel of experts for their originality, feasibility, the experience the space will provide to customers and their sustainability. Starting today, anyone with an out-of-this-world idea can submit an application at

A growing trend towards flexible living has emerged over the past couple of years. As part of this shift, Airbnb guests crave more unexpected spaces that become destinations themselves. Airbnb categories, which launched last month, offer a new way to search for these unique spaces. Over 30,000 listings worldwide were added to Airbnb in 2021 and OMG! The category – which has been viewed 2.5 million times – features the craziest of them all, making it easy for customers to discover these listings in places they wouldn’t otherwise look.

In 2021, revenue from unique guests in India increased by approximately 45% compared to 2019. Additionally, room nights booked at unique properties increased by more than 49% globally between 2019 and 2021.

So if you want to build a treehouse or maybe an underwater room or even a giant boot, apply. If your idea is quirky and durable enough, you might only get $100,000 to develop it. The $10 million OMG! The fund opens today for a period of 30 days, until July 22. The 100 fund recipients will be selected by the panel over the next few months, with the aim of completing their newly constructed spaces next year.

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