Airbnb reports 2019 rent to exceed $ 1 billion in Florida

Airbnb hospitality properties combined to achieve more than $ 1 billion in revenue in Florida last year, the vacation rental home marketer said.

In 2019, the company reported on Tuesday that the company’s vacation home customers combined to receive $ 1.2 billion in additional revenue from renting vacation rentals to 6.6 million guests in the area. ‘Status in 2019.

It is far outdated ee 2018 digits of a handset $ 810 million in vacation rental revenue from 4.5 million customers attracted to rent properties through Airbnb platforms.

The numbers reflect the record pace of Florida travel and tourism.

“The past year marked another year of strong growth for Airbnb in the Sunshine State as more Florida homeowners than ever seized the incredible economic opportunity offered by home sharing, and customers took advantage of ‘unique and affordable options on the platform. Tom Martinelli, Florida policy director for Airbnb, said in a press release.

As Florida starts the year with massive Big Game travel event [Super Bowl LIV], Airbnb is proud to help make travel easier for tens of thousands of people, while supporting and strengthening the state’s economy.

The best weekends for Airbnb customers traveling to Florida included the year-end vacation, July 4, and spring break, the company said.

Miami-Dade County again recorded Florida’s biggest numbers on the Airbnb platform, welcoming 1.2 million people and receiving $ 261 million in rental income. Osceola County was next, with 1 million guests and $ 135.6 million in rent, according to Airbnb. Broward County was next, with 573,000 guests and $ 116.7 million; followed by Orange County, $ 408,000 and $ 51.4 million; Polk County, $ 333,000 and $ 43.2 million; Pinellas County, $ 331,000 and $ 67.2 million; Hillsborough County, $ 247,000 and $ 33.7 million; Bay County, $ 205,000 and $ 44.1 million; Palm Beach County, $ 172,000 and $ 43.4 million; and Okaloosa County, $ 158,000 and $ 33 million.

With its 2018 rentals, Airbnb paid $ 89.5 million in taxes to Florida and local governments.

Airbnb is the leader of a still growing sector in Florida which also includes HomeAway and its affiliated companies and brands, VRBO, and

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