Airbnb will be the first target of digital tax regulation from Poland

Poland: Poland’s newly-appointed Finance Minister, Tadeuz Koscinski, today announced plans to introduce a tax on Airbnb operators in Poland.

The latest plans by European leaders to understand and regulate Airbnb, This is reported by the FT Koscinski aims to tax not only the operators, but also the company itself.

“If we want to ensure that everyone who rents out their apartments in the sharing economy pays their fair share of tax, then the people they pay – Airbnb is part of the value chain – should also pay. as well,” Koscinski said in an interview in London. The Minister is in favor of paying taxes to ensure fair competition in the market for different types of businesses.

The EU has experienced conflict over digital tax schemes over the past year, with the EU’s overall approach to the proposal faltering and attempts by individual countries to introduce tax schemes faltering or clashing with the United States. Poland’s own proposal is currently awaiting an OECD decision on future international approaches to digital taxation before it can be enacted into law.

Airbnb responded by reiterating its commitment to fair taxation in the countries where it does business, and said it has already paid VAT on the taxes it charges Polish hosts and guests. The announcement comes after last week’s announcement of an agreement on an automatic tax collection system with the Lithuanian capital Vilnius – the first such scheme in Central and Eastern Europe.

Countries across Europe are looking for ways to regulate Airbnb’s success to better suit their communities. Scotland has confirmed broad powers on short-term rental platforms this month, meanwhile French efforts at legal reclassification Airbnb has been struck down as a real estate company by the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

Koscinski notes that he aims to use this plan to better understand the company’s impact on the economy. With an American The IRS has reformatted its tax education With the Gig Economy of services for digital sites, the government may be more interested in reducing profitable digital short-term rental solutions in the future.

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