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NORTHEAST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A 7News investigation revealed a property linked to a Miami-Dade police sergeant where crowded groups were disturbing neighbors, apparently they did not stop.

7News came out in this house last week, and now we’re back.

We have learned that a Miami-Dade Police Sergeant is associated with the house, and the Miami-Dade Police Department has now opened an internal investigation into the situation.

The mayor of Miami-Dade, Carlos Gimenez: “We have instituted a curfew, and it is in order to restrict part of this social activity. “

Just hours after the Miami-Dade curfew went into effect, neighbors say a party at this northeast Miami-Dade mansion was raging.

Benny Diaz, neighbor: “I couldn’t believe it. I woke up about one o’clock and saw the bus, and I saw maybe 40 cars.

Neighbor Rebeca Shapiro: “When I called the police at 10 am-12pm, I said to them, ‘Are we not under curfew?’ “

Neighbor: “Hey, turn the music down. This is unacceptable.”

Officer: “This is why we are eliminating and closing the party, sir.” “

7News first investigated this pandemic party house on northeast 89th Street last week when neighbors complained, and now, despite the curfew, it’s happening again.

Edward Carrillo, neighbor: “When you have all these young people here drunk, because they all drink, party, no masks, they come out.”

And there is an interesting twist with this house.

7News discovered that the $ 2 million house was owned by J&L Land Investments LLC.

Company records show the LLC is controlled by Miami-Dade Police Sgt. Juan Germosen and retired Miami-Dade officer Liam Angelini.

Edward Carrillo: “You know, when I heard that, I was really shocked. I was shocked.”

Miami-Dade police responded to the last party on Friday night, cut it off, and sent the revelers home.

The police department has opened an internal affairs investigation since a sergeant was associated with the house, and they say they are contacting the county’s regulatory and economic resources department to determine the appropriate next legal step.

Through their lawyer, the sergeant and former officer turned down the opportunity to do an interview with 7News, but last week, before the last party, their property manager let 7News into the house.

Laurence Barbara, Property Manager: “The owner right now is all about the law, as you can imagine.

But just five days after that interview, the police responded to the latest party.

The owners’ lawyer texted 7News the day after the party: “These guests broke house rules and the management team reported them to Airbnb. Evictions for Airbnb transactions require their approval. After investigation, Airbnb agreed this afternoon that the management team had enough to kick the guests out. The management team proceeded with the eviction earlier today, the guests were evicted and the lock code was changed.

Benny Diaz: “When they closed the party around 2:15 p.m. I counted 100 people coming out of the house.”

And it’s not the only pandemic party house still rocking.

The owners of this Belle Meade Island home promised to stop the parties after our story last month, but neighbors last week also documented another party there.

They called the police. A dozen officers responded and evacuated the crowd, and the city of Miami said it has filed a lawsuit to permanently shut down the house from the party.

Edward Carrillo: “Having a good time is one thing. Making it a nightclub is completely different. It’s not acceptable.

Gimenez on Tuesday signed an emergency ordinance limiting short-term rentals like Airbnb to only customers who stay at least a month, hoping it will reduce the number of party houses.

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