Barbarian gives a nod to Justin Long’s Jeepers Creepers

The following contains spoilers for Barbarian, in theaters now.

It’s safe to say Barbaric is definitely one of the most misleading films fans will see this year – in a good way. Initially, it played out like a psychological cat-and-mouse game, with Tess (Georgina Campbell) thinking the person she shared a Detroit Airbnb with, Keith (Bill Skarsgård), might have been sketchy. However, the film quickly turns into farcical horror when the innocent Keith is taken away by a monstrous entity living under the house.

To top it off, a third party, AJ (Justin Long), was introduced mid-film after Tess got caught. This shocked fans who thought the movie would only revolve around Tess and Keith. Fortunately, AJ has become a key figure in the fight against the entity, creating a gruesome ending with a merciless murder that pays homage to Long’s death in Jeepers Creepers.

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How did Justin Long’s Darry die in Jeepers Creepers?

2001 Jeepers Creepers focused on Long’s Darry and his sister, Trish, as they traveled through rural Florida. Unfortunately, they ran into a creature killing people and using their bodies. It was the Winged Creeper, which came out every 23rd spring to take people’s body parts and integrate them into its own.

Darry and Trish put up a good fight after he marked them, but unfortunately the movie ended on a dark note. The Creeper kidnapped Darry, flying away and bringing him back to the lair. The final blow was heartbreaking, revealing that the Creeper had punched holes in the back of Darry’s skull and taken out his eyes. He then looked through the holes with these new “peepers” to leave fans with one of cinema’s most tragic finales.

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How did Justin Long’s AJ die in Barbarian?

AJ, who owned the property in Barbaric, eventually visited for an assessment and found himself trapped in the creature’s catacombs. Known as the Mother, she was a superhuman created after years of incest by the depraved Frank (her father). After having diluted the lineage so much, Mother transformed herself into this being worthy of The hills Have Eyes, but all she wanted was for them to pretend to be her children. But while Tess played along in this captive state, AJ was more resilient.

Fortunately, they escaped, but Mother caught them on top of a water tower. AJ wasn’t selfless like Darry, however, and threw down a hurt Tess, hoping Mother would jump after her. He played well, and when he ran, he saw that Tess was damaged but alive. However, the maimed mother quickly got up and grabbed her skull. She was furious at the way he had tried to sacrifice Tess, so she dug her fingers into his eyes, tearing them bloody apart.

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But she wanted to go further and started tearing his skull apart. And the photo of Mother initially piercing AJ’s eyes, leaving his head hollow for those few seconds, felt like a direct homage to that chilling image of a dead Darry. This time, however, since AJ was a toxic jerk who used and abused women, death turned out to be quite appropriate karma compared to the selfless Darry, who just wanted to protect his brother.

To see Long’s brutal death, Barbarian is in theaters now.

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