Woman shot dead in Scottsdale short-term rental after hairline argument with men she met at bar, police say

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A woman is recovering after being shot last week while staying at an Airbnb in South Scottsdale.

It started early Friday morning when five women staying in a short-term rental on East Hubbel Street, located near Hayden and McDowell roads, decided to go to a bar in Phoenix. According to documents filed by Scottsdale police, the group encountered two men at the bar, later identified as Sincere Hooks-Lilly, 23, and Aron Melvin, 24. One of the women would have invited them to come back with them to the rental.

Sometime later at the Airbnb, police said Hooks-Lilly “dipped” one of the women in the pool. The woman was reportedly upset, saying she had just spent $200 on her hair, and demanded money from Hooks-Lilly. The documents say it turned into an argument with the other women, and Hooks-Lilly paid the woman $100 through a phone app. Hooks-Lilly, Melvin and a third man who arrived later were then told to leave.

According to police, as the two men were returning home to the San Tan Valley, Hooks-Lilly became angry for paying the woman and turned back. Documents say Hooks-Lilly grabbed a backpack from the backseat, and inside was a 9mm handgun and a mask he gave to Melvin. He allegedly told Melvin to tell the women to return the money and fire a few bullets to make sure they knew he was serious.

Police say Melvin put on the mask and took the gun, then kicked the front door and found three women in one of the rooms. Documents say he demanded payment and as the women started yelling at him, he started shooting at the wall and the floor to scare them away. He quickly opened fire again, police said, hitting one of the women three times, including in the chest.

Melvin reportedly ran to the car and the two men left. When police and medical teams arrived, the woman was rushed to an area hospital with serious injuries. She was treated and released a few hours later.

Police then located Hooks-Lilly and Melvin. Hooks-Lilly told police he returned home simply because Melvin forgot his wallet and was unaware someone had been shot. He also told investigators that the gun was no longer his because he had sold it to Melvin days earlier.

Police searched Hooks-Lilly’s home and found the backpack, mask and 9mm magazine, but no weapon. Officers then discovered the gun that was allegedly used in the shooting at Melvin’s home. Melvin told police he believed Hooks-Lilly hid the gun in a closet.

Melvin faces multiple charges including attempted murder, kidnapping and assault. Hooks-Lilly also faces assault and other charges.

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