Bern Wood Fired Pizza serves great pizza near Rochester, MN

Of course it doesn’t feel like it but summer is coming and that means wood-fired pizza is back at this popular spot in southeast Minnesota! You may have been here before. They are only open in the summer and are located 30 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota. They are also not in a place where you would expect to find delicious pizza.

I haven’t checked them out yet but it’s on my to do list because it looks so fun and so delicious! The place is called Bernese wood-fired pizza and they are located entirely outdoors in a church in the small town of Bern. You see, I told you it was unexpected!

People love pizza which, as I mentioned and as the name suggests, is cooked over a wood fire. But there is also live music when they are open and the location is just a nice place to hang out on a hot summer evening.

Bern Wood-Fired Pizza is open every Wednesday in June, July and August from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The pizzas cost between $18 and $23 and, beware, they don’t have a gluten-free crust.

If you are interested in checking Bernese wood-fired pizza there are a few things you need to know.

  • You must bring your own garbage bag.
  • You will need to bring something to sit on.
  • The pizza comes in a pizza box but if you want plates you will need to bring some.
  • They also sell soft drinks, water, ice cream and fries.
  • Sometimes the pizza can take a while to be ready due to the size of the crowd, so be patient. You can also order your pizza in advance!
  • There are portable toilets on site.
  • Sales benefit the Zwingli United Church of Christ (where the pizza is sold) as well as other nonprofit organizations.

Also, if you like pizza, there is a pizza farm, yes a pizza farm, in Wisconsin where you can spend the night! Keep scrolling through the images.

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