Biden nuclear waste official charged with airport baggage theft – again

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A department of A fashion-loving energy manager may be stocking up on stolen luggage.

Sam Briton, deputy undersecretary for spent fuel and waste disposal at the Bureau of Nuclear Energy, has now been twice charged with stealing luggage from airports. The latest reported accusation comes after they would have lifted a bag from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas.

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Brinton – who is the first openly non-binary person to hold a leadership position in the federal government – ​​was first charged with felony theft in October for allegedly grab a woman’s Vera Bradley suitcase on a baggage carousel at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Brinton would have stuffed the suitcase luggage tag in their purse before leaving the airport. There is no record of Brinton checking a bag at his departure airport. Brinton was found by authorities and, while initially claiming their own belongings were in the suitcase, they later told authorities that they had emptied the contents of the bag into the hotel room before checking the bag in. bag as their own baggage on a flight to Washington, DC. “I learned that no clothing had been found in the hotel room.

The 8 New Las Vegas Now reported on Thursday that a felony warrant has been issued for Brinton in relation to a second incident of baggage theft, this time at Harry Reid International Airport. Brinton is wanted for robbery for items worth between $1,200 and $5,000.

According to the mandate statement, which has been reviewed by rolling stone, the theft took place in July of this year. The case was initially dropped because law enforcement failed to identify Brinton, who was captured on CCTV footage removing a woman’s luggage from baggage claim. Following news reports of the incident in Minneapolis, the detective handling the case recognized Brinton. Law enforcement obtained identification by cross-referencing the clothing they were wearing in the security footage – a shirt with a rainbow atomic nuclear symbol – with social media posts from the day the luggage was taken. been stolen.

Brinton, who has a dual master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in nuclear science and engineering, was selected to serve in the Biden administration in January 2022. Brinton had previously worked as a nuclear policy analyst at the Bipartisan Policy Centerand with the nuclear waste disposal company Deep isolation. In November, following the first charge of theft, Brinton was put on leave from their position at the Office of Nuclear Energy.

Brinton has combined a passion for science with advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community throughout his career. They were a strong supporter of banning conversion therapy nationwide, working closely with groups like the Trevor Project and the Human Rights Campaign. Brinton has cultivated a stylized personal brand, and even makes an appearance at the 2018 Oscars.

Brinton claims to have been subjected to horrific torture at the hands of a conversion therapist, allegations which launched their career as an activist. Other LGBTQ+ advocates have raised concerns regarding the veracity of Brinton’s claims, pointing out inconsistencies in the timeline, and Brinton’s obstruction regarding the identity or even the location of the therapist.

On Wednesday, the truth prevails (a anti-conversion therapy advocacy group) founding executive director Wayne Besen accused prominent LGBTQ+ activist groups to ignore “clear warning signs” and engage in “sloppy, ethically negligent and grossly unprofessional” behavior in raising Brinton without careful background checks. The situation has now led to a national stack on by conservative media and anti-LGBTQ+ advocates, who use Brinton’s status as a prominent figure to bully and slander the community.

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