Birmingham inventor to launch patented laptop security product

LapLok systems can be used on any laptop, Mac or tablet to protect against theft in public areas. // Courtesy of Techlok Solutions

Techlok Solutions in Birmingham will soon launch a new patented security product called LapLok which can be installed on any laptop, Mac or tablet to help ensure the device and all data is protected against theft.

LapLok is a mobile security solution targeted at increasing remote working, especially in public spaces. With the rise of remote workers — more than 70% of U.S. companies employing at least one remote worker — the new product helps protect employees, mobile devices and proprietary information from theft.

“Modern problems require modern solutions,” says Ryan Angott, president and co-founder of Techlok. “The secure four walls of the office are gone forever in most companies. With cybersecurity and data privacy at an all-time high, we saw the need for our secure solution. »

LapLok secures laptops and tablets to tables so users can move around quickly while working in a mobile environment such as a coworking space, cafe, or restaurant.

The handheld device was developed by Angott. Although there are many security products on the market, most of them require a cable lock port, which means they won’t work with about 50% of laptops, including Macs, explains Angott.

LapLok fits any PC, Mac or tablet without the need for a cable lock port. The device also has a tamper alarm. The LapLok Pro offers built-in smart Bluetooth technology, allowing users to adjust the alarm volume and be notified by SMS if their device is tampered with.

To use the product, a customer first attaches a permanent self-adhesive ultra-thin steel strip to the bottom of a laptop or tablet. When not in use, it folds up and remains unobtrusive. The metal piece slides into the LapLok locking port when ready for use.

To lock, consumers can depress the lever clamp for ultra-tight gripping force on the table. The user then sets their 3 or 4 digit PIN code on the keypad to arm the device.

LapLok is expected to begin pre-launch sales in June with an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds. To learn more, Click here.

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