Black man renting Airbnb allegedly shot dead by white neighbor

Mark Waters, 66, is accused of shooting an unarmed black Airbnb tenant.

A white man from California is to be accused of to shoot a black man who was renting an Airbnb near him. The victim was heading to a grocery store when the alleged incident occurred, causing him serious leg injuries. Prosecutors called the attack “unprovoked”.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office shared friday that Mark Waters, 66, has been charged with felony assault with a semi-automatic firearm. The shooting took place on October 2, more than two months ago, in San Jose. The victim, who remains anonymous, is only 21 years old.

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At the time of the events, the tenant was unarmed. The district attorney’s office said he went to a local grocery store and when he crossed the street, Waters came out of a house and “quickly approached him while holding a black handgun “.

The victim tried to save his life, but prosecutors said Waters fired a single shot with the tenant’s back turned. The victim was seriously injured in the leg. Prosecutors also claimed there is video evidence of the shooting that was provided by a neighbor.

When Waters’ home was searched, prosecutors said they seized several firearms. He was later arrested and taken to the Santa Clara County Jail. He was arrested on Monday and released on bail. An Airbnb spokesperson said in a press release Monday:

“We condemn this vicious and unprovoked attack. We thank the San Jose Police Department and the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office for their work in holding the perpetrator accountable and sending a message that hate crimes have no place in our society. .

“Everyone should be safe on foot to the store. We will not tolerate such senseless and violent acts in this county,” District Attorney Jeff Rosen remarked. “We wish the victim a speedy recovery and will ensure he receives justice for this brutal assault.”

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