‘They’re just little explosions of salt and sadness’: 30 foods and drinks people only pretend to like

Everyone has their favorite dishes, it’s no surprise. But if we’re being brutally honest, some foods make us gag! and “Ew!” really loud in our heads… even though we don’t say it all because we’re a polite collective. We have to at least pretend to be “normal”.

That’s one of the benefits of Reddit: you can (semi-)anonymously share your real thoughts and feelings about a topic. It’s great—cathartic, even—to get off your chest that you really hate something that most everyone else enjoys. Redditor u/Aarunascut started an interesting thread r/AskMen, asking people to share foods they think people only pretend to like.

We’ve collected the very best comments to share with you, lovely Pandas, so scroll down to see what everyone thinks. Which answers do you agree with? Which of the mentioned foods do you really like and why? What do you love and hate the most? Share your opinion in the comments!

Many of the foods on this list (especially seafood and vegetables) are actually quite healthy. Boring Panda contacted health and fitness trainer Anna Armagno Toussaint who shared her wisdom on which food groups to focus on and avoid, what to do if what you eat all the time is boring, and how to deal with cravings for your favorite unhealthy (junk) foods. Find our full interview with Coach Pandas below. Read on and check it out!

"It's just little bursts of salt and sadness": 30 Foods and Drinks People Only Pretend They Like Green smoothies (those without fruit or sugar). There’s no way your carrot, beetroot, kale and spinach smoothie with the added flavor of turmeric will resemble anything other than donkey booty….

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“Focus on whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, and enough protein and fiber to fill you up so you don’t need bad foods. When your body craves something, even if it’s a ‘bad’ food, it’s usually because missing a nutrient that can be found in “good” food – you just have to decipher it. fitness trainer Anna Bored Panda explained, adding that your research can start with a simple Google search.

“Avoid as much sugar and processed foods as possible. The more you look at the labels (at least, and especially in the US), there’s added sugar in everything! So if you can avoid the most processed things, everything works a little better in moderation,” said she

Many people who start their fitness journey find it difficult to suddenly start eating healthy, bland-tasting foods. Bored Panda wanted advice from a fitness trainer on how they could balance taste and nutrition.

“That was me! I only liked 3 veggies and let me tell you how quickly carrot sticks get boring… Try new things. Look up recipes online. Start with what you know and build from there,” gave great advice. .

“Food will be better when you learn to cook leaner meats and more vegetables, and the internet is a treasure trove of recipes and healthy ideas!”

"It's just little bursts of salt and sadness": 30 Foods and Drinks People Only Pretend They Like Escargot. The amount of melted butter and garlic it’s served with tells me that no one likes the snail part.

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"It's just little bursts of salt and sadness": 30 Foods and Drinks People Only Pretend They Like Super spicy chili sauces. They burn the inside of your mouth to the point where you can’t tell what it tastes like.
Ghost pepper sauce on beef, chicken or fish castrates the food experience.
Those spices are nature’s way of discouraging eating.
I often think they were designed as a way to hide rotting flesh.

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Meanwhile coach Anna said the key to dealing with food cravings (eg, sugary snacks, junk food) is to plan ahead.

“Knowing what you’re going to eat throughout the day leaves less decision-making and less opportunity to break out and eat sweet things. It means that sometimes it’s okay to eat that kind of food — just make sure you’re filling up on a colorful plate instead of a bag of Oreos,” she said.

“Tony Horton says, ‘Do your best and forget the rest.'” As long as you really try, a scoop of ice cream or a cookie at the end of the day won’t hurt you.

When it comes to food, people tend to draw very strong battle lines. The kitchen is usually a very black or white, love it or hate it place to find yourself.

For example, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who “enjoys” olives in moderation. You usually see people who love them so much, an “I love olives” t-shirt hidden in their closet, or you encounter people who hate them with a burning passion.

The same goes for oysters. Either you hear foodies raving about what a delicacy they are, or you have people who think they’re snotty snobs. You won’t know which side of the seawall you’ll fall on until you try.

Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t judge any of your pandas. For example, yours really does not like caviar, although it is considered delicious and fancy. Personally, I think they are little bubbles of salt that don’t taste good. Of course, they are good on buttered toast with a thin slice of lemon. But why choose caviar when you can eat something good like grilled shrimp? Or, you know, proper fish!

We also hear that some of our fellow pandas don’t like onions and celery. And while it may seem strange to avoid ingredients that are so ubiquitous, we totally get it. They are not for everyone!

"It's just little bursts of salt and sadness": 30 Foods and Drinks People Only Pretend They Like Vegetarian meat substitutes for ground beef, chicken breasts, sausages, etc. I would rather replace the meat with a tasty vegetable than a mouthful of the wrong taste and consistency.

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Expanding your gastronomic experience is something you should probably aim for. You can’t really expect to spend the rest of your life eating your favorite steak with mac and cheese at your local diner. Sometimes you have to try vegetables.

You can’t expect to like everything new from the start. It will take some time for your palate to adjust. Try just a bite of broccoli or something else you’ve been avoiding for a long time. Then move on to something more complex (or just take bigger bites). You may be pleasantly surprised.

Or you may realize that no matter how hard you try, there are certain ingredients you hate more than waking up early on a Monday morning. Either way, you grow as a person. And let’s face it, new experiences are what make life worth living.

"It's just little bursts of salt and sadness": 30 Foods and Drinks People Only Pretend They Like Man, I feel bad for cauliflower. It didn’t have to have bland chicken wings or pencil-flavored rice. It’s just trying to be broccoli broccoli and live in the attic playing halo

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We would really love to hear what foods you like and can’t stand no matter how many times you try, Pandas. Feel free to share your experience in the comments.

In the meantime, if you enjoyed this post, consider reading Bored Panda’s previous article about the foods people are most likely to enjoy. right here.

Not food, but coriander. I also like the soap, but people say otherwise.

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"It's just little bursts of salt and sadness": 30 Foods and Drinks People Only Pretend They Like I hate celery. Terrible taste, terrible texture. People say it’s good food, but just use an af**king spoon and then you won’t have to taste the celery.

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"It's just little bursts of salt and sadness": 30 Foods and Drinks People Only Pretend They Like Beer and alcohol in general.


I’m 32 now and still taste like bad chemicals, the only alcohol I can drink is mixers because of the sweetness ie bourbon and coke.

All alcohol tastes bad.

Edit: Many of you are saying it’s just not being in a good bar trying an expensive version of X alcohol… bit of a wild guess! Over the years I’ve really tried huge varieties and lots of places trying to find one that’s pleasant/tolerable.

Also, people tell me no, no, alcohol is great! And then name the mixed/sugary drink…

“Nobody likes it at first, you just have to do it until you like it”…ngl that’s really unrealistic haha.

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Tonic water. It’s like angry poison water, why would anyone drink it on purpose?

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Any pumpkin spice. Nothing for me, thanks. Is it really that tasty? Or is it just trendy?

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Rotting sharks of Iceland. My Icelandic friend and her son swear it’s good, but their taste buds must be frozen or something.

I’m not a picky eater and will eat pretty much anything (even other dishes like fried crickets and cow’s tongue), but I couldn’t even bring myself to try some because I was too busy pushing myself and my gasp reflex physically failed. not allow It was as if something about my survival physiology knew this wasn’t happening.

No way they Icelanders are actually happy about it. Zero. Nada.

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"It's just little bursts of salt and sadness": 30 Foods and Drinks People Only Pretend They Like Haggis. I lived in Scotland for a few years. I tried four or five times. They kept telling me that I just didn’t get a “good haggis”. Where the hell is the good haggis?! Robert Burns was a madman!

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"It's just little bursts of salt and sadness": 30 Foods and Drinks People Only Pretend They Like Truffles/truffle oil. It smells and tastes like the bottom of the laundry to me

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