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Boom Battle Bar opened in Leeds is full of fun, with games such as augmented realistic ax throwing, beer pong and darts for Yorkshire’s most boozy fun.

The huge “fight bar” opened last month and offers a host of exciting activities, where adults can become kids and eat, drink, play and party under one roof.

Credit: Boom Battle Bar

Opening at Leeds Victoria Gate in the city centre, guests will be able to enjoy a wide range of unique activities – many of which have never been available before in Leeds – including pool, ax throwing, gambling shuffleboard, mini golf and the favorite booze, beer pong.

Not a bad night throwing axes in the most amazing augmented ax throwing experience, which for obvious reasons you can’t drink during or before because you need to be in good shape, which makes for a great game departure.

Boom Battle Bar Leeds
Credit: Boom Battle Bar

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Then they took the darts you’d play at your local booze to a whole new level with this augmented experience that has a whole range of fantastic twists on the classic pub game.

We love a little beer pong! And, you and your friends can get stuck in the crowd-pleaser of a game that involves tossing a ping pong ball into red plastic cups in order to get your opponent to drink some of their drink.

There will also be pool tables, shuffleboard in 30 or 60 minute slots, and “crazier” golf, which is crazier than your average crazy golf course.

Boom Battle Bar Leeds
Credit: Boom Battle Bar

Activities will be accompanied by a well-stocked bar with sweet cocktails, draft lagers, wine and many soft drinks, as well as an all-day kitchen serving delicious barbecue-inspired dishes, including chicken wings and tenders with a wide range of spicy and barbecue-style sauces to glaze them.

In addition to finger-licking food, the menu will feature tons of wines, craft beers and delicious cocktails, with a flavor that everyone can enjoy during their visit.

If you want to make a visit, you can visit the site here.

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Feature Image Credit: Boom Battle Bar

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