Brisbane’s ‘Bluey House’ banned from exploiting hit cartoon ahead of sale

The owner of a Brisbane home that has been turned into a replica of Bluey’s house has been banned from taking advantage of the property’s ties to the eponymous Australian hit cartoon now that it is set to go up for sale .

Emma Hoskin worked with Airbnb to transform her home into ‘Bluey’s Heeler House‘ in Paddington, customized to bring the cartoon experience to life for one lucky family over a weekend in February.

Airbnb has partnered with BBC Studios, co-curator and global distributor of Blueyon this unique experience.

The house has since had its Bluey decoration and furnishings were removed with Hoskin set to put the house up for sale, but the BBC informed Hoskin that cashing in on his Bluey– related notoriety is prohibited.

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Sales agent Chris Gower of Gower Property Group received a call from the BBC last week asking him to remove a social media post that linked Hoskin’s home to Bluey, according to Mail Mail.

The owner of the infamous “Heeler House” from the mega hit “Bluey” plans to put the house up for sale, but was prevented from mentioning the cartoon. (Airbnb)

The message was clear: the seller can no longer connect her house to the global phenomenon now that she wants to sell it. It should not be mentioned Bluey in the ad’s sales pitch or in other ways that may result in personal commercial gain.

Gower doesn’t know how to avoid the link between Bluey and the house, as social media and the wider media have been carrying news of the Bluey house for over a month, the true address of the house has been leaked and an online search already brings up countless links connecting the two.

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Since the address leak, thousands of Australian families have walked past the home, with security guards and traffic controllers employed to keep the peace on the leafy residential street.

Airbnb worked for two years on the transformation of the former White House in the leafy suburb of Brisbane. The plan was always to remove the canary yellow faceplate and other Bluey– improvements related to the property at the end of the lease.

This included reimagining the exterior of the house in that iconic yellow, adding a red mailbox, a bone-shaped fireplace, and a charming bay window.

Brisbane Bluey House bans profiting from cartoon notoriety before sale
The house during the Airbnb contest, outfitted with familiar items, including Bandit’s famous duck cake in the kitchen. (Airbnb)
Brisbane Bluey House bans profiting from cartoon notoriety before sale
Bluey and Bingo’s room recreated in real life. (Airbnb)

Inside, an airy mid-century aesthetic was complemented with pops of color and heaps of Bluey accessories.

The girls’ playroom featured her rainbow canopy and kiwi rug, for example, and Bluey and Bingo’s bedroom had two single beds fitted with custom stained glass, colorful hanging lanterns, cloud throw pillows and, of course, a hand-crafted watermelon mat.

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Neighbors are believed to be hoping the contents of the house have been donated to flood-affected families.

“All materials used to create the Bluey home – including plants, accessories and toys – will be lovingly returned,” an Airbnb spokesperson said.

“Airbnb has also donated a number of items to Children’s Hospital Queensland for patients to enjoy.”

Brisbane Bluey House bans profiting from cartoon notoriety before sale
Even the mailbox got the “Bluey” treatment. (Airbnb)
Brisbane Bluey House bans profiting from cartoon notoriety before sale
The Paddington cottage before the two-year transformation. (Domain)

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