Canada’s most “wish list” unique stay is in British Columbia and you can sleep in an “earth house”

This Airbnb in BC is anything but ordinary, making it the perfect getaway for anyone serious about mixing things up.

It’s actually the most “listed” single stay in the whole country – which makes sense as it looks like it’s straight out of a bedtime storybook.

The super cool stay is called Cob Cottage, and it’s an Earth House on the Isle of Mayne – which is just a short ferry ride from Vancouver.

Airbnb collected data based on customers’ wish lists on the site. People love to stay in weird places, apparently because Airbnb has done a full ranking of the most searched unique stays in the country.

Just behind Cob Cottage was a treehouse in Sooke, BC called Owl’s Perch. In third place, the East Coast got some recognition, for the Bay Lighthouse in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.

There is nothing quite as unique as Cob Cottage, which will transport you to a whimsical fantasy land.

Cob Cottage exterior view. Alexis | Airbnb

The whole earthy house has been carved by hand, making it extra single.

There is a beautiful fireplace built into the wall that even has handmade decor so you can stay comfortable All night long.

Indoor reading area and fireplace in the house.Indoor reading area and fireplace in the house.Alexis | Airbnb

The house is open and airy with a loft bedroom located just up the stunning wooden steps.

Indoor living space and fireplace in the house.Indoor living space and fireplace in the house.Alexis | Airbnb

Imagine light peeking into this bright and airy room when you wake up in the morning.

House bedroom.Alexis | Airbnb

It comes with the cutest little reading nook so you can enjoy a good book while relaxing at home.

Reading corner inside the house.Reading corner inside the house.Alexis | Airbnb

The kitchen has so many natural wooden pieces that you will really feel like you are cooking in the middle of a fairy tale forest.

Kitchen inside the house.Alexis | Airbnb

So gather all your friends, to rent this beautiful house for a weekend.

It will be a once in a lifetime stay and it will be nothing but magical all the time.

Cob Cottage

Cob Cottage exterior view.

Cob Cottage exterior view.

Alexis | Airbnb

Price: $200 per night

Address: Mayne Island, BC

Why you need to go: This beautiful stay on the Isle of Mayne is super unique and will make you feel like you’re living in a real fairy tale.


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