Catacombs – The High Life

Last week I went to Paris. During my stay in Paris, I was able to take a tour of the Catacombs, also known as the labyrinth of bones. The Catacombs are a series of tunnels under Paris. The tunnels were originally created for mining, but eventually, due to a lack of support, the tunnels began to collapse, causing Paris to collapse as well. The name of the first street to collapse translates to hell in English. The reason there are bones there is because they ran out of space to bury the corpses in the churches.

The tunnels are 300 kilometers long, although only about 2 kilometers are legally accessible. Cataphiles are people who sneak into the illegal parts of the catacombs. There are many different groups of Cataphiles. There’s a group sneaking into the Catacombs to clean up. There are people sneaking into the Catacombs party. There was a Cataphiles story that I thought was really cool. The police use the catacombs for training and one day two cops get separated from the group and hear dogs barking. They decided to go investigate and found a whole cinema. There was a place to buy tickets, a place to buy drinks and the cinema area. There was even a device they thought at the time was a bomb, but turned out to be a couscous machine. The two officers went to get the others, but by the time they returned, the whole area was clean. The only thing there was a note that translates to Do not search.

Another thing our guide told us about was that several years ago Airbnb offered the option to stay overnight in the catacombs. They had a big feast, then read scary stories. They went to bed, although some people ended up leaving. The interesting thing is that no one actually knows what happened during this. There are no interviews with the persons concerned. There are articles about it before, but none after. These are interesting facts that my guide told me during the tour.

Photo of the catacombs
Photo of the catacombs

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