Check Out Minnesota’s “Unique” Sports-Themed Airbnb

Check out the sportiest Airbnbs in Minnesota…The Sports Hut

You will be blown away when you see the images below, these are easily the unique Minnesota sports themed rooms you have never seen in your entire life. And at $25 to $35 a night, you can’t beat the price.

Prepare to be wowed by the Sports Shack’s attention to detail, decorations and venue planning to make you feel like you’re on the field with the Minnesota Timberwolves, on the ice with the Wild, in the end zone of the Viking. (Careful, those balls are coming right at you. Catch them, score the touchdown, SKOLLLL!).

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And the Minnesota Twins room? It’s so full you’ll feel the sun on your face as you pay $50 for food as the crackle of the bat signals another home run. Touch them all!

Check Out Minnesota’s “MOST” Sports-Themed Airbnb: The Sports Shack

There are no words to describe the completeness of detail of the sporty look in each of these rooms. Behold, the Sports Shack.

NOTE: Each photo is a link to the Airbnb profile for that room.

Its location is pretty great, just minutes from downtown St. Paul, there are six “sports themed” rooms in total. It is in a split level duplex, house guests have access to both.

TAP TO ENTER Friday, June 17 is your last day to participate!

According to the Superhost, Jessica,

“Floor 1 has 4 bedrooms, a full bathroom and a kitchen. Floor 2 has two bedrooms, a large living room, a spacious kitchen and 3/4 bath. Currently, the floor 1 is being renovated so that guests have access to floor 2 only.The laundry room is located in the basement.(Source)

They are dog friendly, with some limitations, so that’s cool too. There’s no reason your pooch can’t feel the rush of the crowd, the joy of the goal, or a nice place to relax on the bed.

TAP TO ENTER Friday, June 17 is your last day to participate!

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