College senior moved from The Woodlands turns to Ted for $2,500 refund from Dallas Airbnb

FORESTS, Texas (KTRK) — Cindy Watson’s son got a great internship last summer in Dallas. But being from The Woodlands meant he needed somewhere to stay for a few months.

His mom helped him book an Airbnb rental for the summer and it was awesome for a while.

“I’m here, he’s in Dallas. I just hope everyone is doing their job,” his mother, Cindy Watson, told ABC13’s Ted Oberg.

A few days after moving his college-aged son into a Dallas apartment for the summer, he found a notice on the door saying the landlord hadn’t paid the rent.

But it was not the owner of his son. The family showed ABC13 receipts showing how they had rented the property from Airbnb and had already paid thousands of dollars.

The rating meant that the Airbnb host had not paid the landlord their rent.

“We were catching the end of the eviction,” Watson said.

Messages from the host and Airbnb assured them that everything was taken care of. Then Cindy told us, two weeks later, that a vacancy notice was on the door saying the landlord wanted over $6,500 and wanted the apartment empty by midnight that night.

That’s a lot to handle for a college senior just trying to impress his new internship bosses.

So Cindy ran from The Woodlands to Dallas to get him out of this apartment and into another Airbnb.

She said Airbnb told her they promised a refund would be in 10-14 days.

But months passed, and nothing. So she turned to Ted and said that’s when things changed.

“I just need to know what number you called because, Lord, I called, I emailed. They don’t make it easy to communicate with anyone,” she said. declared.

After months of waiting – it only took a few days for Cindy to get her money back after turning to the Turn to Ted team. She received the $2,500.

The rest of the summer went pretty well for her son too.

“He actually got a job with them,” Cindy said.

Airbnb responded quickly to Cindy and told us in a statement, “These issues are rare, but we take them very seriously. We have removed the listing from our platform and the guest has received a full refund.”

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