Couple rescued from yacht in Poole Harbor during Storm Claudio

A wealthy couple had to be rescued when their luxury yacht moored off Sandbanks capsized in high winds.

The man and woman, in their 40s, were sleeping on board the £150,000 sailboat in Poole Harbor when its anchor came loose in Storm Claudio.

80mph southwesterly winds began blowing the 50ft-long ship, called ‘Juno Lucina’, towards the multi-million pound harborside homes.

At one point, it was feared the yacht would crash into the private piers of the mansions before her keel ran aground on a small sandbar, tipping her to the side.

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As it began to take on water, the occupants called 999 and an RNLI lifeboat from Swanage was dispatched to rescue them just before midnight yesterday (Monday).

The lifeboats could not reach them without running the risk of running aground themselves.

Echo of Bournemouth: Poole HarborPoole Harbor (Image: BNPS)

Afraid of sinking, the couple climbed into their dinghy and rowed 160 feet through wind and rain to the all-weather lifeboat.

They were taken back to Poole Lifeboat Station.

After their Halloween horror, the shocked couple were given a hot shower and some dry clothes.

Local residents of Millionaire’s Row of Panorama Road, Sandbanks, said they were grateful the large yacht was caught by the sandbar.

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Rob Wiley, a contractor who lives in one of the properties, said: “Good thing the sandbar was in the way – otherwise it would have crashed into one of the houses here on the seafront. sea. This would have caused a lot of damage to the piers.

“Poole Harbor Commissioners better move it fast. If it breaks loose at high tide it would be this huge moving obstacle that could crash into anything.

“It was anchored just off the edge of the channel – normally that would be fine, but it was extremely windy last night.

“They had this anchor in the silt and cobbles and the 80mph wind blew it loose.”

Dave Turnbull, one of the volunteers from Swanage Lifeboat Station who attended the emergency, described the weather conditions as “horrendous”.

Echo of Bournemouth:

He said: “On Halloween day, just before midnight, the all-weather lifeboat was loaded with a yacht that was dragging its anchor in the high winds. “The ship’s owners were asleep and the first thing they knew about it was when the bottom of the boat hit the sandbar.

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“They called 999 as the ship was aground and heeling heavily. The keel was over the side of the boat meaning water was coming in and it could have sunk” The Swanage Lifeboat quickly arrived on the scene. The wind was very strong with gusts over 70 knots.

“As the yacht was badly beached, the injured used their dinghy to join us. We didn’t want to get too close in case we were beached ourselves.

“They drifted and rowed 50 meters to us. It was not easy for them because of the wind.

“We took them ashore and left the yacht in position. With the injured safely ashore, the lifeboat was free to return to station in the early hours of the morning.”

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