Crime in Houston, Texas: A man was shot in the head outside an Airbnb party

The shooting happened after someone in a dark colored SUV drove past the graduation party and started shooting into the crowd.

HOUSTON — A man was bullet in the head in a shooting at an Airbnb party, according to the Houston Police Department.

The shooting occurred around 10:46 p.m. Sunday in the 2700 block of Dallas St. in EaDo.

It all started as a high school graduation party inside the Airbnb, which was made public on social media, according to investigators.

The crowd at the party finally spilled out onto the street when a dark colored SUV drove by and fired into the crowd.

Someone in the crowd fired back, leading to the shootout. Police believe there were multiple shooters as they recovered multiple types of ammunition.

Here is surveillance video of the shooting obtained by KHOU 11 News:

The shooting victim, a man in his twenties, was the only one injured. Police said he remained in critical condition after being taken to hospital.

Police do not have a motive or detailed description of the suspect at this time. Surveillance footage shows the SUV that witnesses described taking off from the scene after the shooting.

Investigators have a detained person to determine his role.

An Airbnb spokesperson told KHOU 11 News that they condemn gun violence and issued the following statement:

“Our policies prohibit both parties and ‘party houses’, and we join the community in condemning this criminal gun violence. Our security team is actively investigating and we are also ready to support the Houston Police Department. »

The spokesperson also said the address had only been on Airbnb for a few months with only a few reservations during that time.

Airbnb said it received no reports of parties at the location during this time and the property host specifically prohibits parties.

The booking guest has been banned from Airbnb’s platform and the property has been delisted as an investigation continues.

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