Dear postman from Saint Cloud Minnesota, I’m so sorry…


Mother Nature. She is the boss. I don’t know if there’s anything that depresses me more than not being able to keep up with the pace of snow removal. In the past two snowstorms I’ve been able to search my mailbox, so I’ve probably only missed receiving mail this year a few times. I try to be courteous and dig a nice path for them. My son Drew even came out after my attempts and cleared an “extra nice” spot for them through the thick hard snow, to try and make their job a little easier…and then…it happened.


After work yesterday, I immediately pulled out my snowblower and proceeded to clear the driveway and the mailbox. The snow kept coming. A few hours later, I got out and started again. This time I took pass after pass along my route, trying to slowly clear away the 3-4 foot deep snow accumulation that was making my poor mailbox inaccessible.


Before going to bed, I went out for one last round, hoping that in the morning I would be able to get to work and that the postman would have no trouble getting to the mailbox today. Since I can’t leave a letter for my postman in the mailbox, I thought of writing him one here:

Dear Mr Postman,

You may not know how appreciated you are, since you can’t find my mailbox today. I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled, but alas, he got away.

Digging… pushing… throwing… swearing…
I did my best so that no one saw my agitation…
I shoveled snow until I couldn’t take any more…my poor fingers were freezing when I walked through the door.

I warmed up a bit, then left again…same day…three attempts…to help my postman friend.

I woke up this morning and I’m sorry to say that despite my attempts, my mailbox vanished. Deep in the snow, for a long winter’s rest… you can keep my mail for now, I know it’s not the best.

When spring rolls around, we’ll meet again, my dear hard-working postman friend, and I’ll leave a box of chocolates for all you’ve been through. May your 2023 be better than your 2022.

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