Did you hear that Ikea is coming to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma next year

If you’ve been on the interwebs today browsing Facebook, you might have seen the announcement on your News Feed that Ikea is coming to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma next year. That’s right, furniture and meatball store MEGA is coming to the Sooner State! It sounds too good to be true…

It was announced that Ikea would be building a new store in Broken Arrow, OK. at 801 West Albany Street. Now, before you get too excited, you should know that’s not true. It’s true, it’s quite a gag. An EPIC one-day joke at the start of April Fool’s Day that was pulled by the Broken Arrow Fried Chicken Quarter. They made the announcement earlier today on their official facebook page and it’s spreading like wildfire!

Facebook.com – Broken Arrow Fried Chicken Quarter
Facebook.com – Broken Arrow Fried Chicken Quarter

I think it’s hilarious, but some people are really upset about it. I guess they got hopeful and found out it was all a joke and they were quite pissed about it. The story was even featured on the Fox 23 News website dispelling rumors and sadly dashing the hopes of many by doing so. You can click here to read the story.

What makes this even funnier is fake facebook page which was made to promote the new Ikea in Broken Arrow. You can see it here. Hats off to the Broken Arrow Fried Chicken District for one of the best and most EPIC April Fool’s Day pranks yet! It’s even better and funnier that it’s a day early. They definitely cheated on me…

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