Flight attendant on TikTok reveals the craziest things passengers asked of him

TikToker Tommy Cimato has gained some popularity for sharing videos of his experiences as a flight attendant.

In particular, people have taken a liking to videos where he exposes the bizarre questions asked of him during his many travels around the world. It even prompted him to create a series on the subject, which now spans 20 parts.

The very first video he made on the subject was so good it racked up nearly 5 million views and 1.2 million likes, and we just hope we never inspire another entry in his hilarious series.


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The video begins with him jumping right into the fun interactions he shared with the passengers, and the first one he shared was as follows:

Passenger: “Excuse me, in what state are we flying over?” “

Tommy, the flight attendant: “Since we’re going from Houston, Texas to Dallas, Texas… we’re going to fly over Texas.

A passenger even asked him if he could get to his destination faster because he had a connecting flight.

Kudos to Tommy for responding because I wouldn’t even know where to start.

On another occasion, a the passenger asked him if what they saw on the ground were cars or people, and Tommy had to tell them they were looking at buildings.

A general lack of geographic knowledge among passengers is a common theme in Tommy’s videos.

In one case, he was asked which country they were flying over during a flight between California and Texas, to which he had to explain to the passenger that he would only fly over the United States

Another interaction linked to geography included a passenger asking if he had “ever been out of the country, to love Hawaii.” He must have reminded the passenger that although he was in Hawaii, the island state is part of the United States

My favorite personal interaction shared by Tommy must be the following:

Passenger: “Is the plane going to make this noise all the time?” “

Tommy, the flight attendant: “What? Engine?”

Passenger: “Uh, yeah. “

Tommy, the flight attendant: “I hope so.”

Tommy shares so many more remarkable interactions on his TikTok account that the list could go on forever.

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