Floridians with pools take advantage of Airbnb’s popularity in the state


The summer travel season is expected to be huge in 2022 and that could mean a lot of money for Floridians; We happen to be one of the most popular states for Airbnb travelers, especially those looking for a place to stay with a pool.

With Florida’s sunshine and warm weather, searches for Airbnbs with pools for this summer have increased by more than 50%. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day in 2021, a typical ad featuring a swimming pool brought in over $8,000. Airbnb spokeswoman Liz Fusco said she expects that amount to double in 2022.

Florida is one of the top states with the highest share of listings featuring pools, the second highest in the entire country: 79% of statewide feature pool listings.
Fusco says now is the best time to host and it’s best for people to book early.

“You know, as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, you know that so many guests are already dreaming of their summer vacation; and of course, for many, a retreat will not be complete without a bit of relaxation by the pool,” Fusco said. “Florida is going to be a great destination for that.”

Fusco says if you have a house with a pool, now is the best time to rent it out if you’re looking to do so. Last year, on average, an Airbnb host made $8,600 each time, and Fusco says it looks like people could make a lot more this year.

“Airbnb will make it easier to find pool listings in Florida and around the world, especially because we know demand is slowly increasing for pool listings,” Fusco said. “In fact, from the third to fourth quarters of 2021, searches for ‘Airbnb with pools’ during the summer increased by more than 50%.”

Florida is, in fact, second in the United States for such lists, only behind Hawaii.

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