Former Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli has his home searched by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

The former Windsor mayor who fell in a cloud of sexual assault allegations of nine different women may be hiding in an Italian castle, but his Sonoma County home was relieved of a few things today by detectives of the sheriff investigating these allegations.

The wealthy wine country brother seen above is Dominic Foppoli (pronounced fa-POLE-y), the former mayor of Windsor, Calif. And heir to a winery, making a Food and Beverage Webcast with Guy Fieri in April 2020. Foppoli has suffered an astonishing fall from grace since the Chronicle’s exposition of April 2021 on four women accusing him of sexual assault. This group of alleged victims grew to nine women accusing him by the time Foppoli finally resigned a month later.

Some of these charges are the subject of criminal charges and, as such, KPIX reports that Sonoma County Sheriff’s detectives raided Foppoli’s home Wednesday morning (same location seen in soft Zoom background above). According to images posted on social media, at least four MPs could be seen carrying items out of the house in brown paper bags, and the front door still has a sign saying “No !!” !! Comment, go away.

Among the most shocking assault charges against Foppoli is that of Esther Lemus, a member of the city council, whom Foppoli threatened to broadcast a sex tape of. Lemus, for her part, says that she was drugged and raped the night the images were taken, she suspects Foppoli himself.

Among the accusers of Foppoli is also reality TV star Farrah Abraham, of Teen mom notoriety.

The bizarre footnotes don’t end there. According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the tenants are currently staying in the house of Foppoli, who fled to Italy. The Press Democrat spoke to one of the current tenants, who “spoke briefly to a reporter on the phone, [and] said Foppoli was in Italy. The newspaper adds that “the Foppoli family owns a thousand-year-old castle 120 kilometers northeast of Milan in the town of Mazzo de Valtellini. He bought the property, named Castello Foppoli, after it was put up for sale about five years ago.

People say San Francisco’s city hall and board of directors is dysfunctional. That could be. But we don’t have mayors racking up nine sexual assault charges, we don’t have elected officials threatening each other with sex tapes, and we don’t have officials hiding in Italian castles. to avoid all their charges. You have to sympathize with Windsor, where these are not movie intrigues, these are things that take place in a tragic reality of local governance.

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Image: @RussianRiverBC via twitter

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