Gawthorne’s Hut is an off-grid cabin in Mudgee with an angular roof

Cameron Anderson Architects designed a unique off-grid cabin just outside of Mudgee, NSW, Australia, with plans for it to be used as a vacation rental. Gawthorne’s hut has a striking angled roof with a wood clad interior, making it a comfortable stay. Measuring around 430 square feet, the hut is designed with an open floor plan that makes the most of every square inch.

day photo of angular cabin with steel roof

daytime photo of an angular cabin with solar panels

The galvanized metal sloped roof houses solar panels, while a large west side door hides storage, solar batteries and inverter, electrical panel and a gas water unit. In addition to the 6.6 kW off-grid solar system and 12 kW storage battery, the hut incorporates other sustainability features including 40,000 liters of rainwater storage, double doors and windows. glazing, a concrete slab and a brick for thermal mass, a reused brick, hot water on gas, low water consumption bathroom fixtures and passive solar protection.

shot of angular cabin among trees

photo of the interior of a modern cabin with minimalist decor and wooden details

Inside, the ceiling, walls, and window frames are crafted from Australian larch wood with warm tones that contrast with the polished concrete floor and galvanized roof.

angle view of wood stove in cabin

close-up view of modern kitchen in cabin

A kitchenette runs along the main wall with minimalist black metal shelves and copper accents. Opposite the kitchen is the bed which faces the end wall of the glass valley views to the east.

interior view of the sloped roof cabin with wooden ceiling and walls and view from the bed to the outside

long view of the cabin with a long counter that leads to the kitchen with a view to the outside

interior of modern hut with bed under slanted wooden ceiling

interior of modern hut with bed under slanted wooden ceiling

The bed is set against a partial brick wall which offers a separation from the bathroom.

top view of bed with long narrow window

interior of modern hut with bed under slanted wooden ceiling

view of the modern bathroom with slate tiled walls and a bathtub

The spacious bathroom has both a shower and a bathtub with large windows overlooking the countryside.

modern bathroom in a cabin with wooden surfaces and exterior view

close up view of bathroom with brick backsplash and slate gray sink

angular cabin view across a body of water

dirt road leading to the sloping roof hut

cabin floor plan

Wish you could run away and escape to Gawthorne’s hut? You can as it is available for rent via Airbnb here!

Photos by Amber Hooper.

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