man shot dead while working

CARMEL, Ind. – The man accused of injuring a client of the Carmel Fitness Center when he shot a gun “indiscriminately” while walking down the street was very drunk and was staying at a nearby restaurant. Airbnb, indicate court documents.

Police arrested Moses Shoaga, 25, of Indianapolis in the early morning of December 8 after a man was shot inside Anytime Fitness located at 110 West Main St.

An affidavit states that video footage from the gym showed the man exercising when suddenly drywall dust is seen in the air and the man falls to the ground. The man was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound in the upper thigh and then released.

Documents indicate that police obtained surveillance video in and around the Sophia Square Apartments which showed a man – later identified as Shoaga – leaving the north side of the complex at around 4:15 a.m. Shoaga appeared to stumble as he walked down the street, and a video showed him removing a handgun from his belt.

Moses Shoaga

Shoaga passed Anytime Fitness and was approaching the entrance to a parking lot when seen in video pointing the gun at the apartments above Anytime Fitness and firing a shot, according to the documents judicial. Police said a 9mm shell was later found near the spot.

The affidavit goes on to state that Shoaga is seen on video walking down the ramp to the parking lot – located near the south wall of Anytime Fitness – and firing several bullets into the north and south walls of the garage. Police said 9mm cartridge cases were also found along the parking lot ramp.

The Carmel Police Department said it was later determined that one of the bullets went through the south wall of Anytime Fitness and hit the man in the thigh.

Officers searched the parking lot and found Shoaga – who matched the description of the man seen on video – passed out on the first floor, documents show. Shoaga did not respond at first but came to himself while in detention. Carmel EMS was called to the scene due to Shoaga’s apparent level of intoxication.

Police said Shoaga initially identified himself as Elijah West, but officers later discovered his true identity. Shoaga was in possession of a Taurus 9mm semi-automatic handgun, a car key and four identity cards, according to court records.

Documents indicate that police determined that Shoaga had rented a unit at the Sophia Square Apartments through Airbnb for December 7 and was due to leave that morning.

During an interview with the police department, Shoaga told police officers that he was attending a party at an Airbnb in the Sophia Square apartments and that he did not remember leaving or firing his gun, according to the affidavit. He adds that Shoaga testified that he carried a gun with him and that he had a license to carry a handgun in Georgia. Police said he did not have a copy of this license to show them.

Shoaga faces the following charges:

  • Criminal recklessness
  • The offense of carrying a handgun without a license
  • Mischief criminal mischief
  • public intoxication

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