Get ready for summer with the best car rental apps of 2022

Need a car? There’s an app for that (Photo: Getty)

Fancy a long weekend in the car but you don’t have a route? We have all been there.

Well, now you’ll never have to run to catch a train on your vacation again.

From pay-per-view shopping to “Air BnB for Cars”, step up a gear and explore on four wheels with these easy-peasy car rental apps.

Here is our selection of the best car rental apps on the market in 2022:

Ideal for electric vehicles: UFODrive iOS, Android

The app will always keep an eye on your mileage (Photo: Johannes Mink)

If you’re on a mission to make sure you don’t unravel all those environmental benefits of not owning your own wheels, a platform that offers all-electric and hybrid vehicles across Europe might just be the answer.

Ufodrive’s app provides assistance during the rental period, monitors your range and directs you to 100,000 charge points so you never run out of juice or trigger the dreaded range anxiety.

Did we mention that top-up is also free? Circulating in cities across the UK and Europe, including Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Vienna, the cars are located either in central locations or at airports.

Prices from £79 per day.

Best for international travel: Turo iOS, Android

Turo has called itself an ‘AirBnB for cars’ (Picture: Turo)

The self-proclaimed Airbnb for Cars offers digital convenience in peer-to-peer form, giving users paid-to-drive access to cars owned by everyday people.

The San Francisco-based platform operates in 56 countries and has over ten million users and 350,000 vehicles listed in 850 makes and models.

Search by vehicle type via the app or website – a cool convertible, perhaps?

Or maybe an adventurous off-road beast? You can even filter your search to include things like Apple CarPlay and whether it’s dog friendly.

Some hosts will deliver your car to you (for an additional fee) or to pre-determined locations such as airports and train stations. Otherwise, you’ll need to pick up the car at a specified address, with variable instructions on how to access the key.

Hosts and approved Turo Go users can lock and unlock a vehicle through the app, avoiding in-person key exchanges.

Prices from £19 per day.

Best for Luxury: The Out iOS, Android

The Out car rental app

It’s like a luxury version of Zipcar (Picture: The Out)

If you’re feeling fancy, think of The Out as a deluxe version of Zipcar, minus the advertising of your rental status splattered all over your ride.

Taking car hire to the next level, The Out will deliver a Range Rover or Jag in just two hours (depending on location and availability).

Simply type your postcode into the app or online (, choose your preferred delivery and collection time, and you’ll be presented with a choice of opulent automobiles, from the Range Rover Evoque to the Jaguar I-Pace and F-Type Convertible.

Once you’ve chosen free extras, such as additional drivers, a dog boot splitter, or a bike rack, your ride will stop at the appointed time and place.

The service is currently only available in central London and Manchester. If you don’t feel like refueling at the end of the trip, they will do it for you at the pump price. How’s that for service?

Prices from £163 per day.

Best for contactless pickup: Virtuo iOS, Android

The contactless car works in France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom (Photo: Antonin BIEZ)

This Paris-based start-up offers a modern approach to traditional car rental with an all-
digital approach for tech-savvy individuals looking to rent in the UK, France, Italy or Spain.

The real draw here is the contactless nature of its service. Simply book the car of your choice in the app or online ( and pick it up at the nearest location. The only car key you need is your phone.

After countless user requests, it is possible to have a car delivered and picked up at your place. Everything is taken care of through the app.

Cars range from Mercedes-Benz A-Class and GLA SUVs to Volkswagen Polos and Tesla Model 3s.

Virtuo expects 50% of its fleet to be electric by 2025 and 100% by 2030.

Rates from £50 per day.

Ask Automotive Doctor Cazoo: Automotive Writer Graham King

What is Blind Spot Assist?

2BJEYXH blind zone monitoring sensor on the side mirror of a modern car

A blind spot monitoring sensor (Photo: Alamy Stock Photo)

Blind-spot assist (also known as blind-spot warning or blind-spot monitoring) is a feature designed to make highway driving safer.

Using sensors, it detects if there is another vehicle approaching in your car’s blind spot behind you.

It’s the view just over your right shoulder, which your side mirrors can’t always show.

If a vehicle is there for more than a second or two, an amber warning light will appear in your car’s exterior mirror to signal that you should not steer into the path of the other vehicle.

If you use your turn signals to signal a lane change while a car is there, the system will give you an audible or visual warning, and even gently vibrate your car’s steering wheel to let you know it may not be. not be a safe move.

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