Glass Treehouse in North Carolina #1 Most Airbnb Summer Wishes

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Ever wanted to have a treehouse in your backyard when you were a kid? I know I did. I thought those were the coolest things when I saw them in movies. Like your personal little oasis outside your bedroom. Well, the older we get, sometimes we just want to continue those childhood dreams just in the adult version. An Airbnb host thought the same when he created the Glass Tree House in North Carolina for renters. Talk about dream come true!

Travel + Leisure describes the Glass Treehouse as the most sought-after summer Airbnb in North Carolina. Believe me, I think we can all understand why. The Glass Treehouse is located in Banner Elk, North Carolina and was named Airbnb’s 2022 Most Wanted Airbnb in the United States according to Travel. + Recreation, the modern home was built in 1969 but underwent extensive renovations in 2020. The home is 1,050 square feet of space for guests to enjoy nestled on the side of a North Carolina mountain . It’s in a private area, but you won’t be far from town for shopping, restaurants, galleries and more. The decor of the house features a unique and modern style. With white and wood accents, a spa-like bathroom, and other features guests will never want to leave.

The Glass Treehouse is also one of Airbnb’s most viral homes. From Tik Tok videos to Instagram posts, everyone loves checking out the Glass Tree House. Find out more about the Glass Tree House and its available dates here.

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