Hatching Plan of a Locally Laid Egg Farm for AirBnB

The locally laid egg farm has an AirBnB that draws attention to their unique accommodations.

WRENSHALL, Minnesota – The Amundsen family had a brilliant idea to show people what it was like to work on a farm. They took a little model house and made a AirBnB this guest could stay with some of their pets.

Four hundred of them, to be exact.

“We called it the Peep Show,” joked Jason Amundsen.

He and his wife own Laying locally, a free-range chicken farm in Wrenshall. They wanted to show people what it was like to run a farm. Customers can rent the eight-foot-wide, 12-foot-tall “Peep Show” for about $45-60 a night.

“It’s actually a success,” Amundsen said.

People come to stay with them and learn how to take care of the chickens. This includes waking them up, feeding them, collecting eggs and putting poultry to bed.

“We had a family vacation with us once and their son was terrified of chickens at first,” Amundsen said. “At the end of the trip, he was holding the chickens.”

He says they’ve noticed a lot of people are just curious about what it takes to look after the group, with some groups interested in having their own chickens.

“Once in a while it can be what we jokingly call ‘agricultural contraception.’ “Some people walk away and know it’s not for them!” Amundsen said.

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It’s a small space to huddle with the chickens on the farm, but there is another option to have a bigger hutch on the property. In addition to the chicken experience, the Amundsens have crops people can experience or hop on the miles of nearby bike paths.

“The problem is that the herd is so friendly,” Amundsen explained.

He says they are his best friends and he loves showing people how special it can be to have chickens in his life.

“Some visitors said it was almost therapeutic.”

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