Here is the list of roads affected by the even-odd system in Bali during the G20 summit

TEMPO.CO, bali – The Ministry of Transport stipulates the traffic conditions during the Bali G20 Summit in the Circular Letter of the Director General of Land Transport No. 3/2022.

Cucu Mulyana, director of road traffic of the general directorate of land transport of the ministry of transport, explained that there were two types of traffic arrangements during the implementation of the G20 bali Summit, namely the implementation of odd and even plate numbering system and restrictions on cargo operations.

Before implementing the policy, he had also conducted a survey in advance, from the implementation of the survey to the issuance of a circular letter, with the survey, the traffic performance in Bali began to grow in tourism, so many roads are congested, crowded, but still running smoothly.

“Therefore, a even odd registration system has been applied and restrictions on the transport of goods have been applied,” he explained in his statement to the media, Friday, November 4, 2022.

Meanwhile, traffic regulation through the implementation of the even-odd system and operational restrictions on the transportation of goods will be implemented simultaneously from November 11, 2022 to November 17, 2022, from 06:00 WITA (Eastern time). Central Indonesia) until 22:00. WITA.

Cucu explained that the trial will be held on November 9-10, 2022. To be specific, it will be held on November 9, 2022 from 11:00-16:00 WITA, while November 10, 2022 from 17:00-20:00 WITA.

“Because we pay attention to tourism in Bali, which is beginning to develop, so the traffic arrangements, in addition to paying attention to the smooth and orderly implementation of the summit, also want to keep the economy growing at Bali,” he added.

This traffic regulation does not apply to a number of vehicles such as vehicles belonging to the leadership of state institutions of the Republic of Indonesia, ministers and leaders of non-ministerial government institutions, leaders and officials of foreign countries, official vehicles with red plates or Service Numbers TNI (Indonesian Military Force) / POLRI (Indonesian Police Force), fire trucks, ambulances, public transport with yellow plates, G20 Summit vehicles, electric motor vehicles, vehicles for the disabled, tow trucks and vehicles for certain purposes.

Meanwhile, with regard to operational restrictions on freight transport, they will apply to freight wagons with a permissible weight (JBI) over 8,000 kilograms, freight wagons with 3 or more axles, wagons freight wagons with attached trains, freight wagons with trailers, freight wagons used to transport earth, sand, stone, mining materials and building materials.

The operational provisions for the transport of goods do not apply to freight wagons transporting fuel oil or fuel gas, exporting and importing goods from and to seaports which handle exports and imports, bottled drinking water , livestock, fertilizers, postal delivery and money, logistics needs for the G20 summit, basic foodstuffs.

“If there is discretion or exceptions in the event of a disaster or riot, that is something we have to be prepared for. The regulation of traffic through the even-odd system and the restrictions on the transport of goods is affirmed by the installation of road signs in accordance with the regulations in force”, he underlined.

Here is a list of 10 roads affected by the even-odd system in Bali during the G20 Summit:

1.Simpang Pesanggaran – Simpang Sanur
2. Simpang Kuta – Simpang Pesanggaran
3. Simpang Kuta – Tugu Ngurah Rai
4. Tugu Ngurah Rai – Nusa Dua
5. Simpang Pesanggaran – Gerbang Benoa
6. Simpang Lapangan Terbang (DPS) – Tugu Ngurah Rai
7. 042 Jimbaran–Uluwatu
8. Jalan Tol Bali Mandara
9. Jalan Uluwatu II
10. Jalan Raya Kampus Udayana.


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