Holiday lets plans fail to deal with Airbnb ‘explosion’ in York – says MP

A YORK MP has given a lukewarm reception to a government review of short-term holiday rentals, which aims to ensure they are not driving residents out of their communities.

York Central MP Rachael Maskell said that after meeting Leveling Up Secretary Michael Gove to urge him to take action on unregulated vacation rentals, it was “good to know he has taken my pleadings seriously”.

But she claimed a check-in system suggested by ministers would be “woefully insufficient” to deal with the “explosion” of Airbnbs and other vacation rentals in destinations such as York.

“I urge the government to go further and introduce a licensing system to empower local councils to allow or remove the right of landlords to let their homes, impose fines for anti-social behavior and introduce a ban further short-term furlough lets into specific areas without special permission,” she said.

She said this latest change was being introduced in Scotland and her Short-Term Holiday Rentals Bill of Parliament aimed to do the same.

The MP claimed earlier this year that desperate York residents were living next to endless parties as short-term vacation rentals turned their communities into a ‘wild west’.

York Press: Rachael Maskell, MPRachel Maskell, MP (Picture: supplied)

She told Mr Gove that residents find their quiet streets subject to loud, drunken groups using profane language in front of children and families at all hours of the day and night.

Residents of a stretch of Bishopthorpe Road later told the press of their nightmarish experiences after two properties on their adjoining street were turned into holiday rentals, whose guests interfered with their peace, well-being and sleep.

The government said it was asking for evidence to understand the impact of the increase in short-term holiday rentals in England, following an increase in the use of rental booking websites and apps.

Measures being considered included physical checks of premises to ensure regulations in areas such as health and safety, noise and anti-social behavior were adhered to.

There could also be a ‘kitemark’ registration system with spot checks on compliance with the rules on issues such as gas safety, a self-certification system for hosts to register before they can operate, and better information or a single source of guidance defining legal requirements for suppliers.

Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston said: “We want to reap the benefits of the short-term holiday rental boom while protecting community interests and ensuring England has quality tourist accommodation. high quality.

“While no decision has been made, this review will help us determine what options to consider so that we can protect our beloved communities and our thriving holiday industry.”

Housing Minister Stuart Andrew said: “Holiday rental sites like Airbnb have helped boost tourism across the country, but we need to make sure this doesn’t drive residents away from their communities.”

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