Housekeeping Show Location: Where was the Netflix show filmed?

NOTetflix show Housemaid has proven itself with its spectacular scenery and incredible sets, which have left many wondering where it was shot.

While Stephanie TerreThe memories of s are set in Washington State, most of the filming actually took place across the border in Vancouver, Canada.

This allowed the crew to bring together some of the Canadabest landscapes with some shots shot in Montana.

More than 160 different places

Overall there was more 160 different locations used for filming, primarily in the Victoria Island area of ​​southeastern Vancouver Island.

The region was also widely represented in Godzilla and The Twilight Saga they can therefore be recognizable.

It’s not uncommon for popular filming locations to be used for many projects like this, and with Victoria’s sights, it’s easy to see why.

Victoria city center

Most of the street scenes are filmed in the more urban area of ​​Victoria Island, drawing on the picturesque landscape to give a local flair to farmers’ markets, restaurants and more.


Value Maids, where Alex finds a job, is actually Tillicum Laundry in Saanich.


Used for many ocean scenes, including ferry rides and jetty meetings, Sidney can be found in the far north of Victoria Island.


Alex and Maddie arrive at a women’s shelter in the very first episode, which takes place here in Esquimault, just west of downtown Victoria.


Home to several street scenes and Maddie’s Daycare among others, this area has also featured in the X-Men and Deadpool film series.

In this area you can also recognize Royal Beach, where many of the series’ coastal scenes were filmed.

Cadboro Bay

Home to Regina’s house overlooking the sea, the bay is known for its spectacular and obviously attractive scenery.

Sooke East

The oceanfront cabin apartment Alex rents on Fisher Island is filmed in East Sooke, with the cabin itself even available for rent on AirBnB.

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