Killer’s wife Penelope Jackson called ‘evil monster’ by victim’s sister in Birmingham

The devastated Birmingham sister of a retired colonel stabbed to death by his wife called her an “evil monster” who was the “only tyrant in their relationship”.

Penelope Jackson, 66, fatally stabbed her husband David, 78, with a kitchen knife at their home in Somerset in February.

She told a 999 operator: “I thought I had it in my heart, but it doesn’t.” She also claimed that her husband was “violent” and “put her down”.

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But a jury dismissed the allegations and found her guilty of murder with a majority verdict. Last week, a judge sentenced her to a minimum sentence of 18 years.

Now Mr Jackson’s sister Jennifer Jackson of Birmingham has revealed her sister-in-law is still the perpetrator.

“There was only one bully in the relationship and that was Penny. He’s an evil monster,” she told the Mail on Sunday.

“She drank a lot of white wine and just started with him. She intimidated him and put him down, put him down, made all the decisions.

“She was not the victim of domestic violence, he was the victim. My brother was too proud to admit that she had bullied him and walked away.”

She added: “She has always been a cold and callous woman.

“I didn’t like her from the moment I saw her, and neither did our late mother. David was always the boy with the blue eyes, his murder would have killed her.”

Lawyers for the killer are expected to appeal the conviction in the coming months.

“Justice has been served for my brother – a lovely man. She got what she deserved. I hope she will never be free,” Ms. Jackson added.

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