How a Los Angeles couple reinvented a ‘dome house’ in the Palm Springs area

If you were to let your mind leave the cozy Coachella Valley and wander to Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine or perhaps the Jetsons’ Orbit City, it might conjure up something like the Palm Springs Dome House.

Both futuristic and ancient in a way, the property sits along a rocky dirt road marked only by a hand-painted wooden sign amid dry desert and surreal sunsets , perched on a ridge offering otherworldly views of the windmills and mountains below.

But even amidst this breathtaking environment, it’s the man-made stuff that will really grab your attention.

The owners of the only Dome Home outside of Palm Springs, seen September 28, recently added a smaller dome for stargazing.

Approaching drivers will first notice the brand new planetarium-like white dome, then – slowly appearing behind it – the ancient “dome house”, with its circular top and gigantic geometric windows. and brown shingles that seem to suggest a country home more than the desert.

Then there is the curved path that wraps around the property. Seen from above, it does not look man-made at all, but as if it must have been built by aliens. Yet somehow it all seems almost normal, even expected, in the desert between Palm Springs and Joshua Tree.

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