How some Manistee residents raise money for Ukraine

MANISTEE – With the war in Ukraine now in its second month since the Russian invasion, humanitarian efforts to help refugees in neighboring countries like Poland and Romania have come from across the country and around the world.

Manistee as a community has also contributed to helping Ukraine. A local couple and a few stores raised money for Ukraine – and they’re not the only ones.

Here are some Manistee County stores, individuals, and organizations that are fundraising for Ukraine:


NU2U in Manistee has already been inundated with clothing and other items during a fundraiser last month for the Slavic Evangelical Church in Traverse City. He will do another one this month. The list of donations that the church asks for includes the following:

• Blankets

• Bedding

• Pillows and sheets

• Towels

• Meals ready to eat

• Toiletries for children and adults

• Hygiene items for women

• stationery; and

• Diapers for children and adults.

Items can be dropped off at NU2U at 353 River St. from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.


Cynthia and Phillip Knapp, who both live in Manistee Township, were due to arrive in Ukraine on May 2, have a GoFundMe.

Cynthia Knapp, a retired emergency physician, has a GoFundMe called Medication for Ukraine.

“My husband and I are going to Boratyn in Poland. It is 12 miles from the Ukrainian border. We are working on a building to house 250 refugees. My husband is building a daycare and other accommodation in the building. paid for our flight, car rental and stay at an Airbnb,” Cynthia Knapp wrote on her GoFundMe page.

Knapp gave a list of the donations she asks for:

“What we need the money for are medicines and sanitary products. At the wider passage there are medical camps, I will work in one of the camps and in the accommodation of the refugees. The medical sites need antibiotics for children and medicine for adults for high blood pressure and chronic illnesses I will buy adult and baby diapers, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, toothbrushes and toothpaste at Warsaw. I’m taking medicine and medical supplies with me. Any help would be appreciated,” Knapp wrote.

The GoFundMe can be found at

A separate fund called the Durrett-Davies Ukrainian Refugee Childcare Project, for Philip Knapp, is available at

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