How to spot Airbnb hidden cameras, TikTok user claiming to be former hacker exposes on viral video

(Photo: by LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP via Getty Images) This illustrative photo, taken on November 22, 2019, shows the logo of the online accommodation service Airbnb displayed on a tablet in Paris.

Airbnb’s hidden cameras are worrying some users of the booking app when they book their stay on its rental offers.

Airbnb hidden cameras: how to spot viral TikTok video exposures

(Photo: by LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP via Getty Images)
This illustrative photo, taken on November 22, 2019, shows the logo of the online hosting service Airbnb displayed on a tablet in Paris.

Fortunately, a man claiming to be a former hacker and cybersecurity educator explained how to spot them in a viral TikTok video.

Airbnb hidden cameras

According to the website of Airbnb, hosts are expected to declare any recording device in their property list, even if it is a security camera, and whether it is enabled or disabled.

The rental platform asks its hosts to list it in the “Good to know” section of “Health and safety”.

That said, cameras hidden inside Airbnb are prohibited by the rental service app itself, but that doesn’t stop its hosts from breaking the rules.

As such, those who book their stay on Airbnb are always skeptical and want to be assured that there are absolutely no hidden recording devices spying on them without their consent.

It should also be noted that on April 3, 2019, a couple from California revealed that they caught a camera inside their Airbnb rental where they were staying, which was hidden in a smoke detector.

Additionally, it comes after another Florida man found not a single camera, but two recording devices inside his Airbnb-affiliated apartment.

How to spot hidden cameras in Airbnb

According to News week, a man who describes himself as currently a cybersecurity educator and once a hacker posted a video on TikTok that exposed hidden cameras.

Viral video TikTok has already garnered 11 million views on the video sharing platform.

TikTok user Marcus Hutchins pointed out that these tiny cameras are usually hidden away in common items inside rental properties, such as clocks, smoke detectors, and even USB chargers.

Hutchins further noted that above-bed fire alarms are the most common place for hidden cameras in Airbnbs.

That said, Hutchins did offer some advice on how to find recording devices hidden inside these items.

The self-proclaimed hacker said that “one way to tell if the device is a camera is to shine a bright light on it.” In doing so, a camera lens shows a blue reflection.

To be precise, do this using your phone’s camera paired with its flash functionality or a separate flashlight. Hutchins added that this method also works on alarm clocks.

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How to spot hidden infrared cameras in Airbnb

Meanwhile, some vines go the extra mile and use night vision cameras to record their guests even when the lights are out.

Hutchins also shared his tips on how to spot them in Airbnb properties.

Start by turning off all the lights and make sure it is dark. Then use your smartphone’s selfie snapper and look for infrared LEDs in the rental listing.

Elsewhere, Airbnb has pledged to accept Afghan refugees on their lists for free amid the Taliban takeover.

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