I rented my driveway and it paid for my holiday in Spain – here’s how you can do it too

A SAVVY woman has managed to pay for her holiday in Spain with an unusual method.

Ruth Lewis managed to pocket £1,500 by simply renting out her driveway to motorists who needed it.


Ruth Lewis, 41, rents her driveway as a scramble and has won £1,500 so farCredit: Ruth Lewis/Media Scotland
Ruth and husband Ross funded their Spanish getaway with their extra cash


Ruth and husband Ross funded their Spanish getaway with their extra cashCredit: Ruth Lewis/Media Scotland

The 41-year-old was looking for a way to make some extra money and realized her empty driveway could be the answer.

She and her husband Ross, from the Bonnington area Edinburghdiscovered a website called Your Parking Space and have been renting their car since 2018.

The nutritionist and massage therapist charged an affordable rate of just £5 a day, but raised the figure to £9 after comparing the price of nearby spaces.

But those fees piled up, and the couple managed to use the money to fly to Malaga Last year.

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She said Edinburgh live“It was really simple. They do everything and when someone books you get a message with their contact details.”

Although in one instance there was confusion with the available parking space.

“Someone got the wrong address, they made a mistake and parked in someone else’s driveway,” Ruth explained.

“We didn’t know them and when they got home they found someone else’s car in their driveway. They called the police!

“The police, speaking to all the neighbours, found out we were renting our driveway and showed up at our door. Luckily, the car’s owner wasn’t too far away.

However, the 41-year-old stressed that it was an unusual occurrence and that there have only been a few issues over the years.

She added that the ability to park at her place is perfect for people who can stay in an AirBnB which does not offer parking and the “vast majority” of space users are visiting Edinburgh for “a few days”.

Your parking space is also a free website, according to Ruth.

Simply Paving has rated Edinburgh as the seventh most profitable location in the UK for private parking spaces.

They analyzed 50 locations and only the London borough had a higher average hourly price.

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