Incredible photos of Thursday’s storms in Brookings heading towards MN

A picture is worth a thousand words. A popular saying that only rings truer when you see these photos taken by a Minnesota man while in South Dakota on Thursday. This is the same line of storms that hit parts of the Twin Cities and central Minnesota, causing downed trees, power outages and localized flooding.

A series of incredible and destructive storms rolled through western South Dakota and western Minnesota yesterday. I took these photos just north of Brookings, SD after giving up my tornado hunt along a stalled warm front. As the line got closer to me, I could make out not just a plateau cloud, but a massive cloud of dust/dirt pushed past the line (much like a sandstorm). Gusts of 70 to 90 mph were common on this line as it moved north-northeast through northeastern Nebraska, northwestern Iowa, eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota. A maximum gust of 107 mph was even measured in eastern South Dakota. Just amazing! Unfortunately, this line ended up passing me, as it sped through east-central SD, cutting off my escape route.

The photographer of these INCREDIBLE photos is Allan Persons, Meteorologist and Storm Chaser, who resides in Lakeville. He was near Brookings when he took these photos of rolling storms. Look at that wall of dust that accompanies storms!

In addition to these incredible photos taken by Allan, there are other photos shared online that tell of how powerful these storms were.

Tim Wright tweeted a video from Sauk Rapids in central Minnesota of the river roaring from more than 5 inches of rain that has fallen over the past few days.

This shelf cloud photo was taken Thursday evening in Dakota County, taken near Greenvale Township, located north of Northfield.

Finally, this flash was captured by a dashcam in Lakeville, what a great photo!

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