Indianapolis Colts to star in seasonal premiere of HBO’s Hard Knocks

After the last two seasons of Hard knocks have had a rough time in terms of generating interest due to a lack of intriguing storylines and charismatic characters, HBO is trying to fix that by changing the format of the NFL show behind the scenes.

Instead of fitting into a squad during training camp and preseason to produce five episodes documenting a franchise’s preparation for the regular season, Hard knocks will rotate on the seasonal shoot starting in November.

The first team that NFL Films and HBO will feature using the new format will be the Indianapolis Colts, who have battled COVID-19 issues so far this season and have the Carson Wentz recovery plan from the quarterback.

The Emmy-winning weekly series will provide its iconic all-access coverage in the first show of any kind to document an NFL franchise in season and in real time, following the Colts as they navigate the challenges of a NFL season and are fighting for a place in the playoffs, ”according to HBO.

NFL Films has previously filmed during the season with NFL teams including the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers for the All or nothing on Amazon Prime Video, but those episodes weren’t available until the following summer, well after the filmed season ended. For the next season of Hard knocks, the episodes air on Wednesdays and showcase the action from the previous week, with the first airing on November 17.

“We couldn’t be more delighted to bring Hard knocks and the remarkable behind-the-scenes access it provides throughout an entire NFL season, ”said Ross Ketover, senior executive, NFL Films. “Thanks to HBO, along with the incredible cooperation of the Colts, we are able to deliver a revolutionary new edition of the series.”

18-time Emmy winner, Hard knocks debuted in the summer of 2001 and at times has been excellent. Maybe the format change will bring a show back to life that, perhaps because of the amount of access and interactions social media now offers (which was not present when Hard knocks debuted), got a little stale. The Dallas Cowboys have just completed their third season in the franchise.

The new seasonal edition of Hard knocks will be Indianapolis’ first appearance in the series. The Colts opened their season with an unbalanced loss to the Seattle Seahawks. A playoff team last season, the Colts are expected to be in the mix for the AFC South Division title.

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