Inside the ‘luxury’ houseboat in Liverpool Marina, you can book to stay in

There are plenty of places you can stay in Liverpool if you are looking for a standard bed and breakfast deal.

But those looking to try something a little different can now stay in a ‘luxury’ houseboat in Liverpool Marina.

Foreign travelers, or those who wish to stay on vacation, can book the houseboat which has five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

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Described as a miniature “boutique hotel” on the water, the boat benefits from sun terraces, a spacious living room and a fully equipped kitchen.

The houseboat is managed by Host So Simple – a company that manages and renovates Airbnb properties in Liverpool.

Speaking about the new property, co-founder Joe Davies said it was unlike anything they had managed before.

Luxury houseboat with five bedrooms at Liverpool Marina

The 27-year-old told ECHO: “He’s one of those crazy people you see on Airbnb.

“It’s a huge barge with five beds and five bathrooms, it’s a real barge.

“It’s almost like a miniature boutique hotel on the water.”

Since she is so unique, Joe says there have been “back-to-back” bookings since they first put the boat up for sale in June.

He added: “We took it back in June and since then it’s been back-to-back bookings.

Luxury houseboat with five bedrooms at Liverpool Marina
Luxury houseboat with five bedrooms at Liverpool Marina

“We are seeing that city breaks have changed now after covid.

“People are now making reservations like this just to be in town and hang out with their families.

“They think we don’t have a big enough house at home and we want something a little more quirky than your average cabin that most people have stayed in lately.

“While a family might have gone to a country cottage to relight in the past, this boat was a happy medium of something different and quirky, but also staying right in the heart of the city . “

Luxury houseboat with five bedrooms at Liverpool Marina
Luxury houseboat with five bedrooms at Liverpool Marina

The houseboat is based in Liverpool Marina and is a short walk from the Liverpool Yacht Club.

Adventurers will also appreciate the proximity to the water sports center, which allows guests to rent kayaks and paddle boards.

Those who prefer a more relaxed stay can simply enjoy the surroundings of the Albert Dock.

Due to its location, hosts are primarily interested in accepting bookings from families only to keep the peace in the area.

Joe said: “It’s such a great contribution to the marina, it’s the biggest boat out there.

“Because it’s such a peaceful area, the owners would prefer not to take any party reservations because they want to preserve the beautiful area.

“The owners want to be respectful to the marina and other boat owners.”

For more information, prices or to book, visit Airbnb here.

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