Interview with Walker: Molly Hagan talks about Abeline and “champagne problems”

An aspect of The CW Walker who really gives the show its heart is Cordell Walker’s (Jared Padalecki) mother, Abeline, played by Molly Hagan. Abby has been through a lot on the show so far, and in tonight’s (May 5) new episode “Champagne Troubles” airing on The CW, she and hubby Bonham (Mitch Pileggi) will celebrate their birthdays!

KSiteTV got to speak with Molly Hagan – one of our favorites here who looks back on projects such as iZombie, Herman’s head, and playing the spitfire Ellie Southworth in Dallas: The Early Years — about what it’s like to be on the show and what we can expect tonight.

KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: How are Abeline and Bonham doing as a couple right now?

Molly Hagan: Well, that’s interesting, because I think he was stupid to bet on the ranch. Like when he goes and shakes Gail’s hand and says “are you sure” I’m like “WHAT?” And Liam and I seem to be the only ones who think that’s not the case. But I support it, and it’s already done. I think Abby is crying over the spilled milk. This is the situation. It’s like that. I’m not going to bully my husband over and over again about the incredibly bad decision to bet on our ranch. So I think they’re doing pretty well, but ultimately I think inside she’s like “OH GOD!” And I think on the surface she’s very supportive, and then I think it’s just one more thing they go through together.

A fan on Twitter asked me: Is there ever a temptation for Abeline to just put Gale Davidson in his place?

Always, but I don’t think she wants…. Gale is pretty equal to me. First of all, what’s so great about Paula [Marshall, the actress who plays Gale] nobody does passive-aggressive like she does with Gale. The things Paula says, the way she says them as Gale is incredibly awesome. It’s so aggravating an awful! First of all, she’s a great actress, but I love her as Gale. I mean, she’s just killing him. Then yes. I think Abby would like to put Gail in her place, but I don’t think Abby will. I think it’s below her.

Do you think it would ever be possible for the Walkers and the Davidsons to be friends and end this family feud?

They should admit a lot of things. I mean, the kids look like they can make friends with us, but no, I don’t think so. No. I think the best that can happen is to tolerate.

How does Abeline feel about the recent revelations Geri found out about?

Like shit! I think she questions every choice she made about it. Why did she protect the secret? Why is she protecting Marv? Why has she been protecting Mark all this time? Why? Why didn’t she ever think of the kid? I mean, Geri says “have you ever thought about that child?” And Abby says “no”. And it’s the truth, like “oh, my God, no, I never did.” It’s horrible. I think Abby feels really really bad. And I think Abby deserves to feel bad, but I don’t know of any other choice that she could have necessarily made, but I think she deserves to feel that way.

Do you think Geri and Abby’s relationship could ever be fixed?

Yeah, but I’d love to see Abby apologize to her and I don’t think that happened. I think I feel like I apologized, without apologizing. I think it would be nice if Abby apologized.

Can you tell us about what it’s like to work with Mitch Pileggi and see him sing this episode?

Horrible. It’s the worst experience. [Laughs] Obviously no, that’s not true. I said it so much: I lost my words. On the one hand, how he really is a terrific actor, and then I find myself facing him…it’s the easiest job I’ve ever had in my life, acting opposite him. It’s effortless. It’s easy. I just have to look at it. And then he sings to me and you know, he sings live. So when you see him, when the camera is on him, that’s live singing. It was pretty awesome.

Was the family aspect Walker something that drew you to the project?

Yeah absolutely. Especially in the beginning…it was around COVID, and I was just sick of seeing all the horror and everything going on everywhere, but this scenario…there was something, there was something real in the family, and how come hell or high water, the family sticks together… that’s what I think the show is about. I mean, it’s also about being a Ranger. But the family stuff is like no matter what, it’s still family. I think, and I think for me, the family has to stick together, and to see that on the page…that really appealed to me. I’m one of seven kids, and I’d complain about one of my sisters, and my mom would say “but that’s your sister!” And I wanted to say “AND WHAT? But over time, I was like “yeah, that’s my sister!” The family is quite important.

How is filming going in Austin?

Austin is truly magnificent. I have the impression that the city supports us but also, we tour a lot on stage. And the exteriors of the ranch is in Dripping Springs, which is about an hour from Austin. But getting to live here is fantastic. Great food, great everything…and I’m just getting to know Austin. I was suspicious at first because of COVID, and I don’t go out anymore, and it’s a great city. All these different parts of the city are really interesting and unique.

How do you feel Abeline is so well-loved by fans of the show?

I think we all look to a strong woman. I think women are generally strong anyway, but having a strong motherly presence that doesn’t come in and serve iced tea… it’s kind of wonderful to have in a show. To have a 60-year-old woman… I think that’s great to see and I’m very honored. I’m honored, but I feel like I’m playing with my mom, so I feel like I’m honoring her. So it’s fans like Abby, I feel like they love Anna, the designer, but also, they love my mom.

What do you think would make Abby the happiest right now after all this drama going on?

Big vacation! Nope…. To get a kitchen she can cook in. I think this kitchen is driving her crazy in Airbnb. I think she wants to blow her brains out every time she walks into that kitchen. She would be happiest to have a place where the family could really sit and dine. I don’t think they’ve really eaten at this Airbnb yet, to have a big family meal where everyone could feel like they could stretch out and have a meal. a long moment…. I think that would make her really happy.

Do you have any final words on Thursday night’s episode for fans on why they should tune in?

I think it’s a good episode. I think it’s a break. Come and not see the tragedy for once! Just come and enjoy.

Walker “Champagne Problems” airs TONIGHT (May 5) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. See some photos from the episode here!

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