Is it illegal to hound other drivers in Iowa?

You’re driving down the highway listening to your favorite radio station when suddenly you see a car speeding past you in your rear view mirror. They look like they’re going faster than you, so you’re hoping they change lanes and go around you.

Before you know it, they’re right behind you, following you a little closer than you’d like. You see this happening all the time, no matter where you drive. I know everyone hates being chased by another vehicle, but is it really illegal to do so in Iowa?

Unsplash – William Bout

Unsplash – William Bout

If you’re someone who doesn’t like speed, being chased is something that can happen often. I guess most average drivers go over the speed limit by about 5 mph, so if you’re like me and drive close enough to the posted limit, you can find yourself in this situation regularly. Now, if you’re hogging the left lane and you know you’re driving slower than other cars, it’s up to you. Move to the right lane and let the cars pass you.

According to Personal Injury Claims Coachit is technically illegal to ride too close behind someone. AI code 321.307 or the “Follow too closely” rule, reads as follows:

The driver of a motor vehicle must not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent having regard to the speed of these vehicles, the traffic and the condition of the road.

I contacted Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson, he said the fine for “following too closely” was “a prescribed fine of $135.00 plus surcharge of 15% ($20.25) and court costs of $60.00, for a total of $210.25.”

Most driving education students learn the 3 second driving rule. This requires drivers to leave at least 3 seconds of space between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them. One way for you to judge if you are leaving enough space between you and other cars is to find a sign, tree or any marker on the roadway and when the car ahead passes that marker, start counting. If your car passes the marker before you get to 3, you’ll want to slow down and leave more space. If you want to drive faster, you’ll have to wait until you can find a safe moment to pass them.

If you find yourself in a situation where you think the car behind you is driving too close to you, it’s important to stay calm. Here are the steps to follow if you are in a tailgating situation, according to progressive.

  • Stay calm – avoid shouting or any gesture towards the tailgate
  • Let the hooker pass – if you are on a multi-lane road, you must be in the right lane to let the fastest car pass. If you are on a single-lane road, you can park in a well-lit area, such as a gas station, and let the car pass.
  • Stay steady – Keep a steady speed so the car behind you knows what to expect. It can help them pass when they get the chance
  • Don’t slam your breaks – Clicking on your breaks might be satisfying for now, but crashing is not a good decision. If you must slow down, do it slowly and steadily to give the car behind you time to slow down.
  • Be careful – Exercise caution in your travels and pay attention to what is happening everywhere on the road. Don’t just focus on what’s happening behind you

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